Musik Wordpress Theme

Music Wordpress Theme

When you want to make your uploads available for download, music themes offer built-in functionality that supports them (via Easy Digital Downloads). Music is a fast-reacting theme with a standard background image that changes from turquoise to blue. Explorez notre large sélection de thèmes WordPress pour groupes et musiciens. Music is a responsive music theme with two widget areas and support for custom headers and logos.


With two widgets and user-defined headers and logos, Musik is a highly reactive musical theme. Pages and articles can be combined on your title page and you can modify the location of your page bar. It is also possible to modify the width of your website or view your blogs in a 3-column raster.

Different areas of the website have different degrees of opacity so that your wallpaper can show through.


WordPress Theme Free Download 2.3.3 - ThemeForest | Musik v2.3.3 - WordPress Theme is a fully reactive WordPress theme with beautiful Find Engines Optimized and lighter encoding, which will help your website quickly download to any web browser using any type of system with easy response.

In addition, it allows you to edit your sound, albums, artists, styles and to advertise the sound recordings to your buyers as a web-based dealer. The clever net has a beautiful simplicity to allow clients / prospective clients a comfortable construct with time-saving-professionality. You can use any topic OR plug-in yourself!

Music WordPress Theme Download & Review 2018

When you want to make your downloads available for downloading, music topics offer an integrated feature that supports them (via Easy Digital Downloads). There is a built-in soundlayer ( designed with jQuery and HTML5 ) that even keeps an eye on the visitor's story. Plays a playback list or even loads a full length albums.

Design area reacts to guarantee correct functioning of everything on portable equipment. There are also tonnes of customisation possibilities, making it worth the money. It is not quite a radio-specific topic, but it does contain the features to guarantee its interoperability with our own area. Topic highlights: Supports 4-sided template and various features for voice contributions.

It' s even possible to sell a singular track or the whole record.

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