2010 Nissan GT-R / 1970 Ford Mustang Motor replacement and JDM convertions were an orthodox and costly process at one point in history. Jerry Fan's Jerry Auto is not the ordinary motor or headlamp replacement. And if you haven't found out yet, it's a mixture of the words "Mustang" and "Godzilla".

While most transmission manufacturers may think this three-year venture is nothing more than a large-capacity Mustang, on papers Jerry's Jerry's is actually a '10 Nissan GT-R. It' s not many automobiles that will insult both USDM and JDM fans at the same moment, but Jerry doesn't mind. He/it build the Muzilla without the same old history of boys who grew up with Hot Wheels, or boys who saw Daddy work on automobiles.

This was his Ford Taurus, driving every day with a persistent heat issue, which caused him to find out more about it. So Jerry took a brave step and took out the motor and gearbox and without even realising anything about the car, he spend the next three month to clean and rebuild the motor. Jerry falls in Love with a 70s Ford Mustang Fastback during a trip on the Autoclub Speedway.

"l "l spent my whole life staring at the 70's Mustang Fastback. Put it on too much YouTube," Jerry states. Perhaps you are asking yourself how the GT-R matches the image. "The GT-R is just a great car," says Jerry. He dreamed his racecar was something that behaved like a GT-R, but had the look of US muscles - a perfectly described Muzilla.

When the real concept of chopping your mudguards is to wind them, think of all the chopping that is needed to mount a Mustang on a Nissan frame. And Jerry will tell you that the only resemblance between the Mustang and the GT-R portion is the bike base. "Putting the Uni bodies together and making sure they were aligned right was the hardest part," says Jerry.

After the operation, Jerry had a boyfriend do a computer render to customize mudguards before sending the vehicle to PitGarage to paint a Calypso Coral in a Boss Mustang paintbrush. Modelled after a Mustang Mach 1, the inside is just as stunning as the outside and still contains parts of GT-R such as the track gauges and centre consoles.

"The integration of GT-R parts into the dashboard was tricky. At first I tried to just use the standard GT-R clusters, but they were too big and can't be dismantled properly," Jerry states. So even after striking and forming the clusters, he still had to find a way to integrate all the GT-R electronic components.

At the end Jerry sat on a Sabelt GT-200 twin car battery electric bicycle and behind the steering wheels of a custom Muzilla design. As the GT-R already had plenty of performance from the plant, Jerry kept the motor modification quite easy. The majority went past him until they saw the motor through the opening in the bonnet, and they went backwards all of a sudden to take a close look.

The majority of folks thought it was just an exchange, but some can say what was going on and they went to the ground and looked at my axles," Jerry shuts. Undoubtedly it will cause a lot of trouble if you speed up a 70s Ford Mustang and it sounds like a Nissan GT-R. Might be a little twisted, but Jerry's Muzilla is by far one of the warmest USDM/JDM blends we've seen in a long while.

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