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The video shows you how to install Site Builder in Cpanel and how to create a website using Site Builder. Video is a short animated explanation to illustrate how to set up MWEB Uncapped Website Hosting. Reseller Hosting; Shared Hosting; Cloud;

Domains; SSL Certificates; Website Builder. Sign in to create and manage your website.

MWeb's free website offering

SelfBuild website, its new website builder makes website creation and maintenance fast, simple and accessible. As Carolyn Holgate, MWeb Connect GM, says: "Although it is important for all companies to have an on-line visibility, it is not always simple to create and maintain a website for SOHO and SMEs. "A website has become an integrated part of a company so that prospective clients can easily see what you have to provide, how they can reach you, your prices and more.

Rooted in the dawn of the digit era, South Africa's consumers are expecting to find your store on-line. Good web site performance is critical and consumers can turn to an alternate vendor if they can't find your site, or if your site isn't as professionally and up-to-date as it should be.

"But we are aware that shopkeepers often don't have the amount of free space or effort to get a great website up and run. Accessibility can also be a problem as it can be expensive to build and service a website. This eliminates many of the obstacles that keep smaller businesses from going live.

"WYSIWYG's easy-to-use utility allows you to easily point and click through a step-by-step set-up proces. Upgrading your website via an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing system is just as straightforward, so you can keep your website up to date and in sync with your latest commercial offers.

"Its unlimited website hosting provides unlimited content which means that shopkeepers don't have to be concerned about exploding cost as their website attracts more people. It enables a company to improve, design and expand its website without raising the cost of hostings per months. It' s different from many other services where you can get paid for using up the bandwith or capacity you get each month," she concluded.

It is a beloved opensource solution that integrates seamlessly with most Web site deployment tool.

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