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With you are better able to find a dealer in the UK. Register FREE today and receive local trade leads directly into your inbox. For both sides, it's pretty easy to sign up and get started. These companies are all the same as my builders, Checkatrade, valued people, they are only after a cut of small business profits.

Connecting consumers, builders and craftsmen, MyBuilder provides a platform that promotes quality work.

You will only be charged a short list price if both you and a house owner are willing to share information.

You will only be charged a short list price if both you and a house owner are willing to share information. We will only deliver your lead where you need it. Select the lead(s) you are interested in. As soon as we have been short-listed, we will calculate a small commission and contact the owner of the house. Fees are only paid if the owner reacts to your interest in the vacancy and decides to pre-select.

If you are short-listed, it is a hot call and the client expects your call. It' not hard to create customers because they're there. They get the jobs immediately, it's just the confident feeling of going in and doing the jobs and doing the jobs well.


Paul Curries Wavertree House has finally started its cuisine! He was second in the UK's worst food race and thanks to MyBuilder's generosity dealers and utilities he will have a fresh cuisine by the mid of next year. Initially we had been planning to complete the entire order by Friday, but there was a postponement after we had "lost" our initial gypsum worker, so we had to postpone this to Wednesday at the end of next workday.

Another great piece of good tidings is that the Projekt has brought Paul back to work! Tomorrow we'll visit Black Cat Custom Woodwork and Property Maintenance (see MyBuilder section here: to see how the galley is built and see a glimpse of what's to come.

Evaluated persons versus MyBuilder - What is better for my company?

Reviewed persons or MyBuilder; Which is the best option for my company? Gone are the times of the men who flicked through the pages of the yellows looking for dealers. These are Rated Peoples and MyBuilder. Either service makes it very easy and comfortable for individuals to publish their job offers on-line, get in touch with professionals and eventually recruit them.

It has never been so easy to publish a task on-line and find someone to do it. For both sides, it's quite easy to sign up and get to work. Registration on MyBuilder is free of charge. Valuated persons charge you 5 to open an affiliate bank there. Although you can submit your login information to show off your abilities, there is no MyBuilder trivia that you like.

MyBuilder and Rated Peoples both earn cash by levying a small charge to find work. It is free to look for work with both types of service, but you have to foot the bill to advertise for the position. MyBuilder will allow a prospective customer to short-list all the individuals they think can do the best work.

Charges between 2 and 35 pounds are applicable to vacancies under 75 pounds to over 3,000 pounds. It has never been so easy to publish a task on-line and find someone to do it. Valuated persons based their charge on a number of different determinants. In general, the costs of obtaining a leads (the customer's contacts ) are 15 according to what is said by your team.

Whilst both sides bill you for the work, MyBuilder makes it simple for you to know what you are buying. So, if you have 50 a months to find work for MyBuilder, it's simple to make it so that you won't be short-listed if you can't buy it. Clients publish their job offers and you browse them and make an offering.

It is the client who decides on the budgets and the tasks, and the tasks are placed in a categorized according to the budgets. When you think the money is incorrect, you can make a counter-offer, but the charges you get vary depending on your money. When a client thinks the £500 price will be paid for the £500 but you think it will be paid more, you will be billed for a 500 price salary.

This may sound complex, but in many cases customers underestimate their work to get a better offer. MyBuilder allows a client to review the profile of those applying for the position. When you are short-listed, you will be billed the fees and you will be in close touch with the client.

Evaluated persons use a slightly different procedure. If clients publish a vacancy, you buy their contacts. Once you've purchased the leads, you can call the store to schedule an on-site call. There is a big distinction between the two types of platform in how clients find them. MyBuilder gives the user full controll.

Rated Peoples gives you complete command. It' easy to find work through rated persons and to get in touch with them. When you bid for a position, it is best to get started quickly and be one of the first to bid. Humans will decide either for the first election or for one of the first decisions.

They both have their benefits, but in what we have seen - we believe that rated people are the better option. It is more costly than working with MyBuilder when you start, but the cost will balance over and over. Rated People also has the added benefit of enabling customers to find your profiles and get a direct quotation.

It is also possible to attach the Rated Persons offer sheet to your commercial website. Finding work can be a challenging task, but rated individuals make it simple and accessible to get customers near you who really need your help. Don't neglect to take photos of your work and ask your customers to provide your comments.

Keep in mind to include in your budgeting that some clients will not be looking for someone to immediately begin work, or even worst, just shop windows. When you choose to continue with MyBuilder or Rated Peoples, find out if you will receive a refund for your bath lead. Poor lead is a lead that contains incorrect or incomplete information about a client.

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