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I' m interpreting the warning that apps, themes and extensions can be dangerous for my PC? Chrome Web Store allows you to download various web applications, extensions and themes, making Chrome even more powerful and personal. Can I integrate my Chrome extension into the Chrome Store? Download and install the My Chrome Theme app from the Chrome Web Store.

This is how you can quickly and simply build your own Chrome theme

Often spending too much of your life searching the Chrome Web Store for the right theme? Do you find it difficult to find a topic that you really like, or one that still looks good after being used on your web browsers? When you' re really choosy like me, it makes more sense to just make your own chrome theme.

To do this doesn't have to be a long or hard task (as you might think); you can quickly and simply make your own chrome designs with the My Chrome Theme app. In addition, you can also divide your designs with the rest of the community so they can use them. Learn how to build your own Google Chrome theme in just a few moments.

Download and run the My Chrome Theme app from the Chrome Web Store. Click on the new page that opens on the green icon "Start making theme". Immediately your picture is displayed in the dummy web page. You will see three different pegs on the side representing the three different areas that you can adjust.

Allows you to specify a unique colour for the browsers taskbar, backgrounds tab, and border. Selecting a colour immediately changes it in the dummy web interface so you know exactly what it will look like with your wallpaper. When you are not sure which colours to use or if you are in a rush, you can click on "I'm feeling lucky" to apply colours to your motifutomatically.

After all, the final stage is to give your design a name and optionally a descriptive text, and then click the "Create My Design" icon. At the last page you can download your design. It works exactly the way you want it to - just like any other Chrome theme you might want to use.

When the Chrome warning appears and you are asked if you want to include it in your web browsing experience, click "Install My Design" and then click the "Add" icon. It is also possible to make your design available to others for viewing and/or use. You will receive a clear one-to-one hyperlink that you can easily post to your favorite websites, e-mail, IM, and more.

There' also a Google+ switch right next to the address, which makes it simple to easily split it with your Google+-speakers. As soon as you begin from scratch or when you re-open the app, your customized designs appear at the bottom of the page for ease of use. In this way, you never loose the overview of the designs you have made.

You can see that My Chrome Theme is a funny and simple way to make your own design for Google Chrome. No matter if you want to personalise your web page or design topics for others, this app is the ideal tools for the work. When you want to download the design I created (see picture above), just click on "unique link" above.

Please let us know in the feedback if you choose to make your own.

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