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Both the soundtrack and the pictures of the film still resonate in my head and will make me feel for some time.


Every track is sorted by its proportion of page views among the elements shown. The page views for each element are subdivided by the total number of page views created by the elements shown. Have you any pictures of this song? Kannamma, a young maid in a small town, dreams of a better life style after the abrupt passing of her dad, but is instead compelled to work as a nanny. This movie is wonderfully made with pictures and sound that gradually drive him to his unavoidable conclusion.

This is the tale of a young woman who, after a tragic situation in the Indian home, is sent to one of the Indian towns to work as a worker for a local people. I still have the sound tracks and the pictures of the movie in my head and they will make me feeling for some while. Locate show times, view trailer, search your pictures, follow your watching list and evaluate your favourite films and TV shows on your mobile phones or tablets!

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