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It was later dubbed in Hindi as Daringbaaz Aashiq by Goldmines Telefilms in 2016. " Feel my love (solo)", Kay Kay Kay.

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sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit]

In 2010 Kutty (English: Toddler) is an Indian-Tamil spoken romance comedy movie under the direction of Mithran Jawahar, who combines the movie with the leading character after the successful outcome of his former work. Featuring the movie star ring Dhanush, Shriya Saran and Sameer Dattani, Radha Ravi plays a central part.

It is a re-make of the telugu movie Arya and has Gemini Movie Circuit as producer, while Devi Sri Prasad took over the musical work. Published on 14 January 2010 on the occasion of the Tamil Thai Pongal Festivals, the one-year long movie was in the making. It was later synchronized in Hindi as Daringbaaz Aashiq by Goldmines Teles in 2016.

On Kanyakumari beaches, Geetha (Shriya Saran) looks at a solitary private journal in which she is enjoying a verse. Meanwhile in high school she encounters a wealthy, good-looking young man, Arjun (Sameer Dattani), who amazes her by winning her heart. Suggests her and threats her to fall in love with him, otherwise he would be dead if he jumped off the rooftop.

Even now she feels culpable because she is the cause of a person's deaths, unwilling to let it occur again, Geetha accepted his charity and cried out in front of the whole staff to Arjun, as Kutty (Dhanush) testified: "I am in your love". But Kutty suggests that Geetha should give Arjun his loving best, which shocked Geetha and upset Arjun.

Gesetha repeatedly refuses his plea and remembers him of her relation to Arjun. Kutty instead says it's no problem for him and says that she should keep loveing Arjun and he would never stop to love her. Kutty's actions upset Arjun.

Kutty instead challenges him that if Arjun is familiar with his romance, no one would ever part with Geetha & the best man could gain. But Arjun finds no choice but to embrace to show his trust in his charity (otherwise he accepts that his charity is weak).

As Kutty does all sorts of tricks to stun Geetha (including gaining a manipulated run to save Geetha's purity from Arjun), but doesn't make her "feel his love". Introducing Geetha to his dad (Radha Ravi), Arjun expects Geetha to accept and consecrate her husband, but his dad, who takes care of his politics, hires a minister's daugther (who proves to be a spoiled young woman of dubious character) for Arjun.

Arjun escaped with Geetha, who was supported by Kutty. Kutty, Arjun, Geetha are persecuted by the men of Arjun's dad, but cannot capture them. Meanwhile, old sores are renewing between Kutty and Arjun. Following an intensive (Kung Fu) battle with the handlers (where Arjun walks & Kutty fights) Arjun and Kutty leave Geetha without telling one of them anything.

and Kutty will take good charge of Geetha, who will touch her. Soon she realizes the affection he feels for her and deplores not having seen him before her obligation to Arjun. Kutty thinks Geetha is insulting him, closing his ear and not hearing what she actually said to him (he does that a few time in the movie).

When Arjun reaches the crime scenes, his dad is in a hurry and now everyone is delighted with his wife. Getha goes with Arjun to get married. Kutty hikes here and there on the Arjun & Geetha anniversary to take care of the work. As Geetha is on her way to the celebration, Kutty pulls her over and frankly voices his sorrow over his lack of affection and how he will miss it, asking if his affection has at least once moved her without realizing that his has.

Getha's not answering him. Kutty's child friend hands Geetha a sharing (from Kutty) in which she insight her people ankle chain and the writing leaf on which she backhand a consequence time she was in Kanyakumari. It was Kutty, the man who leapt into the ocean to take her shackle, and was declared by Geetha deceased.

At last Geetha recognizes her affection for Kutty, refuses her wedding to Arjun and goes to Kutty and eventually agrees to his affection. Kutty Dhanush, a faithful and herald of one-sided charity. Saran Shriya as Geethanjali, a sorority who becomes the goal of two man songs - Arjun's and Kutty's.

Dattani is the same as Arjun Devanayagam, the collegiate agitator who is as beloved as his dad is a priest. She' s escorted by a bunch of guys while she`s dancing on the bandwagon with Kutty. Gemini Movie Circuits purchased the re-make title to the January 2008 release of the film Arya, starring Allu Arjun, and agreed to make a movie starring Dhanush and Shriya Saran, with Balasekaran appointed direct.

2 ] The object nonetheless stayed nearly a gathering until the happening of Yaaradi Nee Mohini Mithran Jawahar was engaged to athletic contest for Balasekaran. Kadhir was the title of the movie, but it finally underwent a name shift to become Kutty. Started and shot in December 2008, the movie followed several timetables and was shot in Chennai, Vishakhapatnam and Kodaikanal.

It was purchased during the movie's release to be sold by Sun Pictures, but the sale came late[6], but the movie was finally published during the Pongal Fest on January 14, 2010.

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