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View Tamil films from 1990 to 1999.

The Avasara Police 100 is a 1990 Tamil movie made by WriterK. Brabhakaran, a sincere policeman, is tasked with finding Veerabhadran, a sandalwood trafficker on the Tamilnadu-Karnataka boundary. is a man who follows sincerity in his judgments. But when he becomes the victim of a plot, he courageously struggles for the rule of law in his town.

The Singaaravelan (Kamal Hassan) lives in a small town with his wife who has been blamed for the downfall of her brothers and sister-in-law. Tamil Nadu villager married a demanding urban resident and moved with him to Kashmir, where everything was pink until he was abducted by military men.

In spite of the effort of his possessing grandma, Muthuvel fell in loving a med students. This is the tale of a policeman who penalizes his younger sister for his participation in misconduct and turns him over to the state. The film is about Vanavarayan (Rajni), a feudal chief of a town, his rivality with Vallavarayan (Nepolean) and his romance with Vaitheeswari (Meena).

This investigation led him to a few little rascals, a beauty of the town, a homicide, a fugitive unsub and an internat. One Hindu man and one Moslem wife fell in love in a small town and moved to Mumbai, where they had two kids. Increasingly, however, there is a risk of breaking up the whole familiy due to increasing religion and unrest.

One young woman's brother-in-law is fond of her and draws all the stops in order to break her romantic relationship with another young man. As a man realises that the Hindu wife he loved is in love with a man of faith, he chooses to offer his affection and reunite their family to make the romance a successful one.

theme of the film is Arunachalam (Rajini), who is the boy of the villager who learns about his past, but fate has its own game. One man who cares about the well-being of his fellow countrymen gets into a big mistake with a hostage from another town.

As a result, there are several disastrous effects for both of them. She' s living with her mother-in-law, Ajith has fallen in love with Simran. Finally it's time, whether they got hitched or not. Raja, the children of the slums, and Roja, the daugther of the deacon, talk about the world wide web and falls in loving terms.

But Roja is betrothed and Raja cannot stand to ignore her dad, to whom he earns his living. Young couples must eliminate the competition between their own family so that they can marry with the full approval of their family. Kannan's dad is against marrying for friends. Cannan loved Gayatri, whose dad was once a great musical reviewer.

They both choose to gain the heart of the other familiy and get married only with their agreement. One man takes up the temptation to serve as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for just one single working day and makes it such a triumph that he soon becomes involved in a plot of politics. There is a violence between a young boy and a timid young woman from Brahma, who falls in loving each other, but the drama comes when the boy is injured after a war.

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