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Composer for theme music, Craig Benzine. Make a marker for yourself online by choosing the MyMusic WordPress theme. BBC artist site for the amusement park. You can find the best clips, watch the programmes, find out about the news and read the latest interviews in the theme park.

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The MyMusic was an American web media sitcom set up by the Fine Brothers and launched on the YouTube MyMusicShow on April 15, 2012. It follows a group of employees working for a music producing firm. With MyMusic we had the first transmedial sitecom on YouTube. The MyMusic was the first MyMusicShow on YouTube.

2 ][3] It documents the escapades of MyMusic, a transmedial producer in which the collaborators do not refer to each other by name, but according to the different musical styles with which they are connected. As an idol, she is a socially addicted person and the MyMusic guru of socially disadvantaged people. Inside 2/Flowchart Jack Douglass, a generically flimsy trainee at MyMusic who is often misused and insulted by other members of MyMusic team, especially Indie.

Sakti Dion, according to the opening credits of the second season and the information contained in the rough shots. His first name, according to the opening of the second season, is Xander. Hip Hop/Nerdcore Mychal Thompson, marketing director of MyMusic, who despite his façade as a hoodlum is a nobody who likes to play Japan music, plays cells and roles.

He becomes Intern 2's substitute and gets the name " Straightedge " from Indie when he begins to work at MyMusic. In addition, a Behind the Scenes TV show ran on the station from 20 January to 24 March 2013. This was followed by a Bloopers & Outtakes show that began on 31 March 2013 and ended on 16 June 2013.

MyMusic's 3-7 lead MyMusic personalities answer commentaries and queries from a variety of different online community sites, conduct surveys, and receive feedback from audiences to build their own Spotify playlists. 14 ] The Mosh was the only show of the first series, which was resumed in the second series, and is besides the show the longest MyMusic show.

It was a show that was launched just before the start of the second seasons of the major show, as the first of a new range of week-long channels on MyMusicShow. The MyMusic podcast: The MyMusic podcast is a tabloid show in which several members of the show talk about different themes on a weekly basis. Tumoruesday ( stylised as Tumor Tuesday.), is a serial that was launched at the beginning of the second campaign.

This show supersedes MyMusic News, as the Scene characters are now aligning this show instead of the first. The MyMusic LIVE: MyMusic was a one hours vaudeville show, organized every Monday by the MyMusic team. Among the invited were Rhett and Link, Luke Conard, Hannah Hart, Taryn Southern, So and So, Dakaboom, Tanya Burr, Driftless Pony Club and The Fu Music.

The show was stopped after 18 normal shows and three non-live comparisons and superseded by MyMusic Presents. However, the show was returned as a single piece to support the show's 2 episode series. Mmusic Presents: The MyMusic Presents was a show where one of the MyMusic employees interviewed a musician coming from the MyMusic bureau.

During the shows the guests performed, answered fans' queries and interacted with the MyMusic team. It'?s MyMusic News: The MyMusic-News was a weekly newscast. 26 ] Usually organized by Scene, it spans multiple message themes related to music, music performers, and the billsboard chart. Jam Kotenko (August 21, 2013).

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