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Wordpress My Religion Theme

This is a beautiful modern theme for churches and religious organizations. ThemeMy Religion Church Wordpress Theme is a perfect theme for both traditional and modern churches. Meine Religion - Domiciled Kirchen-WordPress -Topic with Conferences, Sermons and Donations from CMS-Masters

The Religion Wordpress Theme is a great theme for various kinds of worship and faith organisations, conferences and other parish activities, etc. It has all the necessary functions for churches: Preaching Mail Types - You can publish your best preaching messages on-line, present them and present them on your website, it lets you better reaching people's heart and create a deeper relationship with the ministry and its audience.

It is an indispensable feature for religious sites and religions. Donate Feature - Raise funds for your charity or for the needy directly on your website with the customized donate plug-in provided by dmsmasters for free! Many religious sites raise funds for the denominations they serve, or for impoverished individuals, strays, etc., so you will find this feature very useful.

Event-full full service plans and presents churches using the Event Calendar plug-in to draw more people. Whereocommerce Integration - selling goods from your churches website to raise money for your faith based project and the churches. KYLEWORDS: Volunteer, Christians, Custom Administrator Panels - we have expanded the original WordPress Administrator to offer you more features that include a multitude of choices and preferences and maximum adaptability to help you build a churches website with churches' activities, preaching, donations or any other website of faith organizations.

Theme Knowledgebase - Theme Knowledgebase - Theme documentation covering all possible issues, so even a novice can build a great website in a short while. User-defined Widget - the theme contains a large set of user-defined Widget that offers even more ways to manage your contents and offers enhanced choices for your favorite online communities like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

Layerslider & Revolutionlider - this liturgical and religion theme with ecclesiastical gatherings and contributions for NGOs pages includes two beloved slide control plug-ins, a layer and a revolutionlider, both offering superior features and stunning effect. User Defined Formula Builders Tools - The Cmsmasters staff has developed a user defined Formula Builders utility that allows you to build faith based survey forms, charitable and non-profit polls, etc., as well as access to churches.

Ninety-nine+ Custom Shortcodes - Ninety-nine+ Custom Shortcodes work as great components for your pages. User Defined Mail Types - User Defined Projects and Profiles Mail Types is an ultimative winning mix for sites of any catagory and use! RESPONSEVE LEVEL - My Religion Kirchenmotiv for Catholics, Contemporary and Buddhist Faith and Order has a highly reactive design that responds to the width of your monitor and makes the look and feel of the contents look and feel great on everything from large desktops to cell telephones and more.

WordPress RETA IN THE RETAY RELIABLE Theme - RETAIN RETAY themes have specific requirements for Web sites, and the Good Days theme has been designed to deliver a superior level of display experience on all RETAY themes, delivering superior display experience for your Web page items. Intermediate Wordpress Search Engine - this theme for tour operators and hotel operators has optimised coding and layout as well as great custom search engine optimization for each page and post, so you can simply insert important search engine metadata into all your website contents.

User-defined page backgrounds - You can specify a user-defined page wallpaper for each page and contribution on your site, as well as for the entire site in general. When you create a religion website, or a website for a denomination or welfare organisation, a religion website related to My Religion, My Religion Kirchen theme if for you.

The WordPress theme and all our other product lines are accompanied by how-to instructions. You have to purchase the PRO-Addon for the event calendar seperately, because this plug-in is not allowed to be distributed by third parties.

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