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Topic My Log In Instead, your user will see the pages Sign in, Sign Up, and Restore Passwords directly in your topic. Did your user sign in via the front end of your website? Let your user registrate via the front end of your website. Let your user restore their passwords from the front end of your website.

Adapt the plug used for logging in, registering, recovering your user ID and other pages. Permit your user to sign up with their e-mail only. Let your user define their own user account when registering. Let your user sign in with either their e-mail and passphrase, their user name and passphrase, or a mixture of both.

Let your user log in after registering with Auto-Login. Facilitation allows you to faculty your person by prompting them to acknowledge their electronic communication, or by needing the administrator's permission. Using profiling, your user can modify their own profiling from the front end of your website. re-CAPTCHA allows the use of Google re-CAPTCHA for your submission and sign-up form.

You can use call forwarding to divert your user when they log on, log off, and register according to their roles. Vulnerability allows you to protect your website and your visitors by providing full enforcement via logon filtering by IP adress. The best logon management I've ever tried. ARESOME plug-in! Yeah, this plug-in is a giant Downgrade from the orginal one.

And it does everything the plug-in descriptor says it does and it works efficient. However, as far as the plug-in function is concerned, I would give her 4/5. Well, as many other folks have said, I've been using this plug-in for some time and I was very happy with it. Whilst I appreciate that the plug-in doesn't refresh itself without a big alert that the refresh is likely to destroy the page (which indeed it does), it makes much more sense in this case to make a complete new one.

Nevertheless, the plug-in alone could be useful, I will adhere to the before 7. I give him the intersection between the 5-star 7 plug-in. "My Log on Topic" is open source for you. Following persons have added to this plug-in. Corrected a large vulnerability that enabled anyone to log in without a user ID or password.

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