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Check out all MyThemeShop posts in the Topic List. MyThemeShop's latest tweets (@MyThemeShopTeam). Shortcode WP from MyThemeShop The WP shortcode makes it possible with one click on a pushbutton. Previously, this plug-in was available to members of MyThemeShop, but now anyone can use it. Use WP shortcode plug-in?

Sick of using a design with built-in shortcuts, changing designs and loosing all your great stores?

The WP short code provides over 24 useful short codes, so you'll never loose anything when you change topics. You can now easily create and take away button, highlight, box, toggle, tab, price table and more, no matter what topic you want to use. As we at ThemeShop know, there are already some free short code plug-ins available, but they either contain only a very small number of shortcuts, they are far too complicated, not well programmed, not designed to our taste, or they were not free.

buttons, videos, warnings, Google Maps, toggle, tabs, partitions, columns and more! Sponsor link: In this section, you will learn how to get the plug-in up and running. If you see the "+" key in the posting tool, you can use it to insert shortcuts into your postings. Uncheck all plug-ins and make sure that the short code plug-in works correctly.

You can then activate all plug-ins one after the other to find out which plug-ins contradict the WP shortcode plug-ins. Excellent plug-in uses it on every page, would like to see it active further development. Have a look at the other plug-in wp-tabs widget. This is another great plug-in that should be further enhanced. "WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop" is open code game.

Following persons have added to this plug-in. Endqueued needed script only on the pages where the short codes of the plug-in are used. The tab short code has been upgraded to include more character types like Mojis! Full revision of shortcut key notifications and designs. Small problem with the key combination CSS solved. Offical plug-in version.

Topic clubs with great added value

MayThemeShop creates WordPress topics and plug-ins that are available individually or all in one pack as part of your extraordinary subscription. As of the date of going to press, this staff has over 83 articles in production, 65 of which are topics and a selection of plug-ins. Several of the main sales arguments for MyThemeShop's topics are cleaner and more effective coding, quick website load speeds and optimisation for both searching machines and higher advertising revenue.

Indeed, their topics are so great at shortening page load time that one of their topics was placed at the top of our last test to find the quickest WordPress topics to load. But with so many theme stores and single topics that compete for your cash, it can be difficult to make a judgment about which theme to use for your website.

To help you make the right choices and determine whether your product is right for you, here's our overview of what MyThemeShop has to offer. Whilst the 63 topics offered by MyThemeShop span a broad spectrum of applications, there are some common functions among them that help you in defining your product.

A few of the key functions you can get from each and every WordPress theme in your shop are Part of the licensing agreement, when you buy a theme from ThemeShop, it can be used on as many sites as you need, and with pricing for single topics as low as $35, it's a cheap one.

To use the designs on customer pages, you must update to the development licence. In addition, you' ll get PSD file sharing for the theme, based on your subscription schedule. In this way, you can further customise the look and feel of your website beyond what is offered in the theme option panel.

Topics of ThemeShop cover four major categories of websites: online shopping, e-commerce, blog, e-commerce and e-commerce. Among the available choices, you'll find topics perfect for creating your own website, whether a corporate website, portfolios, virtual media project, video-based website, portable application promotional website, ad-sense Blog, churches website, or other spiritual organization, educational website, or a variety of other kinds of work.

Most of the topics are available in different modi and predefined configuration so that they can be easily and differently configured for your work. As far as the different topics are concerned, there are many outstanding features in the collection: Based on Apple's latest operating system, this minimum theme is ideal for anyone who publishes a variety of different kinds of multimedia and contents.

Because of its capability to show sound and videoplayers as the presented picture for a contribution, this topic can enhance your visitors' chance to engage with your contents when you browse the contributions on your site's home page. At Yosemite, we include the subscription to our shop and review plug-ins that help you register more of your customers for your newsletters and at the same time share great news with them.

There are two different designs of this design: with or without side bar. No matter if you create a message and review page or just a normal blogsite, Best has a great layout that helps your contents attract the audience's interest without diverting them with too many shallow functions.

When you publish a review, the SEO-friendly, wealthy excerpts integrated into this topic will highlight your pages in the results pages of your searching engines and help you attract more traffic to your site. As soon as your website receives traffic, you have a great opportunity to generate more advertising revenues thanks to the optimised advertising space in this theme - if you monetize your website in this way.

Further Best WordPress theme features includes pallax scanning, retina-ready symbols, Ajax shop, and infinite side bar configuration that takes place immediately after unpacking. Like the name implies, this theme can be set up in one-page fashion for a long, vertical scrollable home page that shows all your important information in one place.

MyThemeShop has, however, integrated a more classic blog-style look that still gives you easy entry to all the great functions and great looks of this theme without having to force you to go the one-sided way. However, using this theme in one-page view gives you easy use of a simple pull & drop constructor to create the ideal home page for your website.

Noteworthy functions other than the above includes a section of the product range created with user-defined postal styles, a choice of blogs laid out, price charts, endorsements and many other useful functions to promote your product or service on-line. It is a very advanced WordPress theme with many configurable settings to help you set up your website exactly the way you want it.

scheme comes with two pre-built configuration options for you to select from, plus a minimum theme to suit those who want to create a website that loads as quickly as possible. Indeed, Schema was the most powerful theme of MyThemeShop in our last performance test and only lost to the Genesis StudioPressmework; although Schema in their own testing overtook the Genesis to get a better page performance, so make it what you want.

Not only does this theme use abundant clippings to make sure your entries in your results pages are truly outstanding, it also uses them to help Google help find your contents so that your pages are ranked higher in their index. Through the use of good coding, quick website load time, clearly identifiable contents and integrated reviews feature, this is one of the most SEO-friendly topics for WordPress.

For a complete listing of the topics available in MyThemeShop (which can all belong for only $67), please go to the MyThemeShop Directory. A great look and a useful feature pack is all well and good, but when it comes to selecting a WordPress theme for your website, there is more to consider.

The ease of the setup procedure for the theme will matter, whether you are able to construct the website you imagined, or whether you end up deploring your buying because of the disillusionment and Frustration of struggling with customized control that is too complex to cope with.

Fortunately, MyThemeShop has integrated an intuitively designed user-defined theme option pane into its designs. With the multimodal spike theme tested, it was simple to personalise the design in my way, plus upload a logotype andavicon. Others made it simple to select a color theme, select a second color, and select a theme from the available choices.

Whilst the different topics differ in their adaptability, Spike has made it very simple to make changes to the website in the following way: Besides creating topics, the shop staff at MS Word has also produced some free and high-quality WordPress plug-ins. The WP Review Pro is a premier plug-in for posting professional style review files to your WordPress website.

It also has a restricted free trial but for $19 or as part of your subscription to your shop account the trial allows you to add reviews in a number of different style to the product, service and other articles you rate on your site. As with many of their designs, this plug-in uses extensive clippings so that some of your reviews information is displayed in the results pages of your searchengines, making your contents different from the rest.

It works well, and although it's not as feature-rich as some of the other WordPress reviews, it's inexpensive and simple to use. The WP Mega Menu is a premier plug-in that can update the WordPress menu on your website. It works with any theme and once enabled, you can add a number of different kinds of menu to your website, including enhanced style and eye-catching motion to it.

WP Mega Menu has all the functions you need to make your menu even more useful and eye-catching. It has many functions that you will find in the best e-mail optin mold plugins, for a split of the cost. WP Subscribe Pro lets you view pop-up opt-in shapes, select from endless colors, and use a variety of triggering options, complete with your intention to use.

They are all fully reactive, work with any topic, and can be integrated with the best e-mail newsletterservices. Premier plug-ins can be purchased separately or as part of the $97 Entwickler subscription, which covers all topics and plug-ins. The MyThemeShop topics and plug-ins are complemented by useful on-line documents.

These include items and annotated video that guide you through the functionality of their product. Member and customer will have privileged entry to the online MyThemeShop forum where they can discuss the topic, plug-ins and other issues related to MyThemeShop usage. There' s a knowledge base and extensive FAQs that should be a good read for anyone considering using the items available in MyThemeShop.

Our staff also offers a customisation services for those who need tailor-made changes to their topics. MeThemeShop's best WordPress topics lie beautifully in the center between the minimalist design and back features of the StudioPress Genesis Framework children's topics and the versatile, feature-rich topics like XP and Divi.

Whilst you still have a number of useful functions available (which you can extend with the help of the plug-in MyThemeShop), this does not mean that you have to do without the loading time of the pages and the usability on both the backend and the frontend. So if you like the clear and contemporary design of the theme of ThemeShop, there's no need not to join this great ValueClub or choose one of the individual inexpensive theme options.

Abstract: Great WordPress Theme and Plug-in Clubs with emphasis on quick load time, easy access to WordPress content, clear design and clear codes for creating a broad variety of Sites.

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