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Touch the 'Wallpapers and themes' icon. Getting back the missing MIUI Themes app! Find out more about how to register your topic.


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Along with the growing demand for portable apps, more and more individuals are looking for an easier way to build an on-line home for their home use. Designed to facilitate the publishing and promotion of your application, MyApp is designed specifically for the portable device industry. Topics are constantly refreshed to be compatible with the latest WordPress release.

Being a member you have free acces to all topic up-dates. If you know that your website will always run perfectly, you can sit back and relax. We use proven encoding techniques to make sure our themes are quick and safe. All our topics are conform to L3C and are subject to regular safety auditing. Some of our topics are not always free, but our premiums offer a standard of excellence.

All our topics are designed to be interoperable with the most common web browser. Our topics have all been localised for ease of use. Each topic includes sentences of .mo and .po data that can be used to compile the topic, which means you don't have to waste your PHP work time.

The MyApp comes with four distinct colour patterns to make sure there is a look to suit your needs.

Ensure you know what levels of assistance are available before customizing your design.

Ensure you know what levels of assistance are available before customizing your design. When you make fundamental adjustments, you can get assistance from the designer of your design. When you make major changes to your design, see our schedule of extra design assistance ressources. Any assistance you may get will depend on who created your topic.

Once you have contacted our technical assistance staff and presented your query, you can count on receiving a progress report within 2-4 workdays. And our staff keeps track of the amount of elapsed working hours for each change you make. See Supplementary Topic Resource Assistance for further assistance details.

For assistance, you can consult the topic related technical assistance documents or ask the topic creator. From the Distribution Channel section, touch Online Store. Touch Manage Topics. From the Distribution Channel section, touch Online Store. Touch Manage Topics. Locate the topic you want to modify and click Customize.

Select the Topic tab and click it. When you click Finish Reading Literature or Support: It is not a complete listing of non-supported adjustments. In the " On My Shop Return Panel " you can ask for advice on colours, typefaces and other choices of designs for your shop. When you need help reformatting your contents with the rich text editing tool, try to install an application to manipulate the pages in your shop.

When you need help to add features to your design, such as a side bar, picture zoom, an additional slide show, or endless scrolling, you should try a different design instead. When your design doesn't offer the desired function, look in the themed shop for a design that better meets your needs.

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