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Note: Before you can connect a domain, your Wix site must be converted into a premium plan. interact allows you to add an interactive quiz to your Wix website quickly and without programming knowledge. Can' find a template for my company.

What can I do to my Wix user profile to make my Wix user profile work?

You will want to do this before your first meeting. In this way, your Wix Web site can be accessed by your Wix Web site by your Wix Web site administrator during your meetings without seeing your Wix Web site key. They have full command over the accessibility of contributors. At the end of your last Sixty meeting, you can delete your expert's account from your Wix site. If you have multiple Wix sites and want to work on them with your Wix professional, you should obey these directions for each site you want to work on.

Type in your e-mail adress and your passwort and click on Login. Stage 2: Adds your experts to your Wix website. Browse down until you see roles and permissions. Choose Roles & Permissions. Type the e-mail adress of your wizard and click on the circles next to Admin. You have now successfully summoned your experts to join your Wix website!

You want to delete your last wizard connection after your last wizard connection. Don't be afraid, if you choose another meeting, you can go through this again. In your section, browse to the Roles & Authorizations section as usual.

The changes I make are not saved in Wix! - Bowr

When changes you have made in your Wix Editor do not appear on your web page, make sure you store and make public the page where the plug-in will appear. Once you have made changes to a POWr plug-in in the Wix Editor, you must click Submit and Public. Otherwise, your changes will not appear on your Web site.

Modify your plugin in the Wix Editor. Press the Save pushbutton in the top right of the screen. Click the Make Public Buttons. The changes are now displayed on the Live Wix page. Where can I email my confirmations to someone who completes my application forms?

point-by-point guide

With your own website you can publicize information about your company. If you have your own website, you want your users to subscribe to your e-mail lists so they can get more information from your company. Copy the encoding of your registration forms after creation. The Javascript snippet as well as the raw HTML encoding of the forms work.

Then click on this box and then on "Settings". Select the "HTML Code" mode in your "HTML Settings". You can find this in your registration preferences. Hint: If you add a lightbox or popup to your listing, it will only appear in the context of your Wix site.

This is why we recommend that you use an inline template when posting on your website.

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