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Watch this video to learn how to create a stunning website with! Access your Dashboard Area | Help Center Dashboards are the primary basis for operating your website. This is where you can control all facets of your website and your company, as well as gain Wix Editor control, edit your page preferences, administer your contact list, set up your payments, and more. Allows you to view the website dashboard: Move the mouse pointer over the website you want to visit and click Select Website.

In the upper pane, click Preferences. Select My Dishboard. At the top of your screen on the upper leftside, click My Pages. Move the mouse pointer over the website you want to visit and click Select Website.

High-performance functions for your website

Create any website with the world's most advanced web site creator using simple and intuitive webcasting. Select from over 500 designs created by the designers for each company. Create your website exactly the way you want it, with cutting edge dragging and dropping. Join your own customized search engine optimization plans to find your website on Google.

Every unit will look fantastic on your website. Administer your website and expand your businesses with high-performance web apps. Show your pictures, video and text in a nice galery outfit. Explore all the functions you need to create and maintain your website on-line. You' ll be amazed at how quickly you can go live and look fantastic!

Just reply to a few easy question and Wix ADI will immediately create a breathtaking website just for you. Her breathtaking website comes with all the pictures and text you need. What makes your website always different? It is AI in combination with webdesign. There is an integrated search engine optimization (SEO) so that your website can be found on Google.

Extend your Wix Editor with all the powerful functions of the Wix Editor. Develop customized web apps and rugged web sites. Gain full command of the website with JavaScript and Wix Code APIs. Get full access to your website's functions. Collaborate with your website contents separately from the theme. Utilize a unified theme identity and add 100 new pages, each with a customized address and uniquely designed contents.

Generate a unique listing or Grid design that refreshes pages with unrestricted contents from your databases such as news feeds or company entries. Build your own customized blanks and quiz questions. Generate interaction for everything a UI does, such as clicking a badge, moving over a form, and scrolling. With Wix all your web site functions are professionally supported, so you can administer your website in one place.

Receive a personalised e-mail that fits your website domainname and your trademark. Have a look how well your website is doing. Administer your contact list and gather your subscription in an organised place. Generate password-protected pages that only your members can view. Protect your website and increase your SSL-certified website performance.

Whoever you are - whether you are a fashion design, a teacher of yoga, a professional or a cook - you can administer your website and your shop in one place. Present and resell your digitally or physically goods in a nice on-line shop. Follow orders and keep your balance from your desk or phone. Present your product and stocks in a nice format.

Increase your turnover with our seasonable rebates and free delivery on orders. Receive safe on-line payment or deposit - free of charge. Provide dates, tutorials, training sessions and workshop directly from your website. Receive reservations and administer your company directly from your mobile from. Easily post and modify nice blogs, organize your commentaries and post them to your favorite sites.

Post, read annotations and organize your blogs on the go with the Wix Mobile App. Expand your blogs by posting contributors who can post and administer them. Build, organize and personalize your own movie channels. Creating, customizing, and sharing e-mail invitations that look great on any machine.

Personalize the menus of your restaurants with pictures and price. Take orders for deliveries or pick-ups directly on your website free of charge. Have your clients reserve a seat on-line and get an automatic e-mail confirming your booking. Gain access to expert Web site management software to increase your site visitor numbers, increase your exposure and see how your site behaves.

Sending and sharing great e-mail marketing promotions with your customer bases.

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