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Here are some simple tricks that can help you secure your WordPress website in no time at all. This is the easiest way to create a powerful website with WordPress. Start quickly with pre-built websites.

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My Pages menus list all the pages for which a particular site owner is an admin. When you have a different layer of users on another Web site on the corporate network, it is not displayed. There is a drop-down list at the top of the page that points to the user's primary Web site. It is used as an identification when a logon is made.

Provides back-end connection to the main website in the user's intranet. As soon as a member has completed all administrative tasks, he clicks on the small icon "Save changes" and all his changes on his website take effect.

Create your WordPress website: Beginners guide to WordPress (e-book)

WorldPress supplies almost a third of the world's web sites with electricity. Featuring utilities for everyone from face-to-face blogs to large businesses, this high-performance website building and site maintenance system is designed to enable anyone to build an on-line experience in a matter of just a few moments. The WordPress is adaptable, scaleable and always freely usable.

As WordPress developed and remained free, the developers were hoping to "democratize" publication by creating a website builder that would allow anyone to have a vote and visibility on-line. WordPress's capabilities, which made it so attractive to blogs and other types of web publisher, also reached a much broader public, among them some of the best known businesses in the U.S. and around the globe.

Now WordPress is the preferred plattform for a long line of well-known brands such as Sony Music, Variety, Time, Inc. and The Disney Company, along with million of smaller businesses and private websites. WorldPress has made it easier for our customers to go live, and we go one better.

Part one of this tutorial will guide you through selecting your WordPress web hosting and domainname for better safety and better comprehension of the WordPress dashboard.

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