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Migration of emails from GoDaddy Workspace E-mail to cPanel Hosted E-mail I' m about to move all my sites from GoDaddy's Classic Linux hosting to the newer cPanel housing. Within this framework I have to change the e-mail of my website from GoDaddy's Workspace e-mail to cPanel e-mail. Luckily, I didn't want to keep any of the e-mails for the domains I was relocating, so I didn't actually have to back them up.

Next, the e-mail for the Classic Hosting domains was deleted. Took me a while to find it, but the e-mail is not under webhosting, but on the product layer and is WORKSPACE AMAIL. Then locate the e-mail that you want to remove, move the mouse pointer over it, and then click the Remove icon.

Waiting until the e-mail didn't appear on the mailing lists anymore. And then I signed out of the classic hosting. Next, I registered for cPanel housing. There is actually a full section for e-mail in cPanel housing, e.g. click on 'e-mail wizard'. Next, type the e-mail (e.g. Support), your domains (from the drop-down list), the desired passphrase for that e-mail, type the same passphrase again, and then choose your P.O. box allotment.

A 250MB e-mail account was chosen because it would mean a lot of room for my domains. Next I went to the cPanel logon ( net:2096/login/) and signed in to my new e-mail adress. This opened up and asked me which app to use to display my e-mail. Next, I mailed my new e-mail from another e-mail I have.

E-mail was not recieved. Then I tried to send an e-mail from the new e-mail and it worked! Next I phoned the GoDaddy tech team. Did you update this dataset for me and in about an hour I got an e-mail right. So my e-mail was corrected and worked perfectly.

GoDaddy tech staff advised me to call each migration of my emails so they could upgrade the My entry for me. When I migrated my domains, they advised me to contact them. I' ve been looking at the dataset for my version of my device and it looks like it's a simple modification, but if GoDaddy wants me to get back to you, I'll call.

Still I was inquisitive, so I checked the M-Records in classical webcasting and there seems to be 2 sets, e.g. Then I checked the M-Records in the cPanel-Hosting and there seems to be only 1 set, e.g. Anyway I will still get back to you with my next e-mail migrant.

Think the information in this article will help you minimise downtime when you migrate your GoDaddy Workspace e-mail to GoDaddy cPanel e-mail.

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