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Can' sign in to my Yola bankroll. Help! Help!

Your Yola access code is your Yola ID and your Yola ID. We use your nickname and your passwords to help our system identify you as a clear and identifiable individual and to ensure that all your precious information and personally identifiable information is kept securely and securely. We will never ask you for your passwords, nor will we share your credentials with anyone - even someone who claims to be you!

Yes, safety is important, but what if you forgot your user name and your passwords and need urgent login to your bankroll? Be sure to sign in with the same e-mail that you used to create your affiliate ID. Ensure that the hold key is not enabled and that you have not typed any space before or after your e-mail message when you logged in, as this will not allow your e-mail message to be known.

So if you have more than one Yola affiliate or if you have more than one e-mail address, please make sure you use the right e-mail address when logging in. Forgot your passwort? Click on the Lost directly above the text prompt or by selecting this link:

Restore your passwords. You will receive an e-mail with which you can change your passwort. Didn't receive your e-mail to set your back your pass? Ensure that you are verifying the proper e-mail address and that the deferred e-mail was not sent to your spam or Junk folders, then choose "Sign in or problem with account" as the reference.

The support staff will do their best to help you without jeopardizing the safety and confidentiality of your accounts. If you choose to give your log-in information to another individual, you do so at your own peril and Yola cannot be hold liable for any adverse consequences.

There will be no interference in any dispute over title to the bank accounts. Both you and the other must solve all problems related to the administration of the bank between you.

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