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You can download and install various free MyBB forum styles and templates. High-quality MyBB themes and custom MyBB theme services for your forum. High-quality, high-quality MyBB themes. High-quality, high-quality MyBB themes. MyBB custom themes for your MyBB community are designed the way you want them to be.


Postings in the topic topics are published here by the authors. Serves to provide assistance and discuss approved topics. 9,75951,311Emerald Topic hb.png not..... When you have a query for a new topic for your website, please submit it here and someone can help you.


Topics, also known as skin, forums or styling, enhance the look and feel of your boards. Topics use themesheets (CSS files) and HTML-based template elements. We recommend that you do not remove or re-write this topic. First, after you have downloaded (usually a zipped file), unzip it somewhere and find in the resulting directory a filename with the name .xml or similar....

In addition, many writers make a copy of the REAADME files available to help you with the correct installation. You will probably see in the directory either a directory with pictures similar to the topic, or an pictures directory with a subdirectory (usually the same as the topic or similar) of pictures.

Unless the documentary that came with your topic requires otherwise, please load the whole directory containing the pictures into images/. There is an HTML document with an attached topic downloaded. Contains all the template that the design uses as well as some other standard design preferences and design detail.

You should use the Admin Control Panel to load the resulting text files. Go to Admin Control Panel -> Templates & Style -> Import a theme. Do this. Select Import -> Locale files -> Browse and load your.xml files (file with the name .xml). It may be necessary to enable the Ignore Compatibility checkbox so that you can easily up-load it.

Finally, click Import Topic. You can find a gallery with pictures here: Topic installations.

A few free themes for MyBB !

I would like to split some fun and pro themes for MyBB today and the most important thing is that you can use these themes for free! Another thing, I didn't create a design. I' m just dividing these here and hoping it will help someone find a pro topic for their MyBB Forums.

The Square is a minimalist design that has been updated for the MyBB 1.8 family. You can use this topic in any forums. It'?s really very neat and really pro. This is a game topic in the background. When you like a sinister subject, you can without question use it! This topic is a business-related topic.

It is for those who like a neat and easy topic. This is a classy, clear topic. There are user-defined profile, fantastic fonts and some other functions. Previews: It's another cloudy topic for games with a user-defined forum/categorytyle. I' m not sure if this contribution will help anyone or not.

However, I sincerely hopes it will help them looking for a good free MyBB themed. Please if you have any new and free MyBB professionals please let us know.

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