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One onam 2016 songs: The 10 best Malayalam tunes to party Onam this year.

Yesudas' very powerful melody is in 10th place on our roster. It' a great way to express the feelings humans feel when they celebrate Onam. Start your Onam Tag play lists with this wonderful music. It deserves its place on our roster because it expresses our delight that Onam is here at last.

Savour this joyous tune that commemorates the arrival of Onam, a truly unique annual experience that brings joy, excitement, hope and luck. Take part in the festivities with this tune and experience an unforgettable one. This is another on our roster that commemorates the arrival of Onam, taking into account the elements of contemporary soundtrack.

Onam Varavayi Keram Thingum Thingum Ulsava Naal", a relatively new track, embodies the youthful bliss and the clean, unthinned pleasure experienced by kids. It' a pretty rar one on our roster. It' s hard for novels to be included in the most important Onam lists, but the quality of the track has made it one of the most popular of all.

Another great tune from Malayalam's evergreen vocalist Yesudas in 1992. This is a metaphoric tune full of comparison that definitely makes it into our Top 10 Onam tunes. The tune is about the Blossom Rug or Pookalam, the characteristic icon of the celebrations.

Composed by Mankombu Gopalakrishnan, this tune was resung by the experienced Yesudas musician. The first nine evenings of the celebrations just before the end, this track commemorates the 10th and most important anniversary of Onam, "Thiruvonam". Today's 10th is a truly grandiose end to this most joyful festival, Onam, and that's why this deserves sixth place on our album.

KJ Yesudas sang this and Prem Nazir illustrated it. It' a perfect fit for the four best slot songs as it commemorates the harvest of the Kerala peasants. It' s from the movie Voishukkanithat, which was published in 1977. Yesudas & Sujatha's wonderful Yesudas & Sujatha is a real audience favorite.

Besides the very popular singing, the interpreters are overwhelmed with questions to perform this one. The jewel of a track definitely merits second place in this very best onam playlist. Posted by Sreekumaran Thambi for the Ulsva Ganangal record and made by Tharangini, this track is an all-green favorite for audiophiles, and it was created by Raveendran and performed by Yesudas.

Not only because of its distinctive tune this track earns the ultimate number one name. It' s the name of everything Onam is. Onam' s ghost and the equal temperament of the festivals are really staged in the music. Not only does the singing's splendour end, the actual name of the piece,'Onappaattu', which begins with the words'Maveli Naadu Vididum Kaalam', has no proven auteur.

Onappaattu's originator is the subject of intensive debates among Malayaleans. At the end of the discussion is whether the Lied as we know it today was composed by the Saharawi Ayyappan at the beginning of the twentieth centuries, or whether it is a modified copy of the already available facsimile versions of anonym poets.

Anyway, maybe that's the response, this is a track without which Onam stays uncompleted.

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