The MyWeb Information Center offers guests, students, lecturers and employees access to the WebAdvisor. Sign in to MyWeb (preferred). Entertainers give the university baskets new strength. The new Ree Sticker application turns mask cots into emoji/stickers that allow athletes and kids to interact with their mobile phones like never before. Supporters can use their favourite Mascot in lyrics, news and other softwares while chatting about games, forthcoming happenings and lifes.

Now the same vibrant maskot work is available for license to develop more fan merchandise. "Ree Stickers is a separate class due to the exceptional quality of its art." Mr. Marc Donabella, Director of Trademark and License, University of Syracuse. To see the growing range of masked arts and find out more, click here.

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Reading a timetable: The timetable shows the course title (abbreviated to its category, e.g. psychological studies for psychology) followed by its course number. Next you will see the course title and the types of credits or credits available for that course. 5-digit ID number, date and hour of the course, place and lecturer.

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Pupils can enrol for lessons using one of the following procedures: We will send you an e-mail with your date and date of your subscription - you can subscribe at any moment from the date and hour of your subscription. If you try to enrol without a valid enrolment, you will get the following information on MyWeb: "Pupil has no enrolment preference.....

" As soon as the academic year begins, those who wish to join a class will need an addition key from their teacher. If you try to apply without a recent enrollment, you will get the following notification on MyWeb "Student has no enrollment priority...".

" Students are responsible for dropping lessons if they do not participate or do not wish to participate.

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