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ThémeForest published a fast-reacting multi-purpose WordPress theme called NAMO for agency, business, gallery, photography, portfolio, etc. Elegant WordPress blog theme based on the Beaver Builder platform. Easy, clean and lightweight design.

The NAMO - Kreative multipurpose wordpress theme from brand exponents

The NAMO is a neat and imaginative Wordpress theme that is stylish, versatile and highly reactive. Namo's contemporary, roomy styling, clear typeface and high-performance set of functions make it perfect for professionals and businesses alike. With over 20 portfoliostyles and 10 built-in individual portfoliostyles, Namo gives you more opportunities to present your work than any other theme.

They can have more than one folder page and only have elements from one specific group. Seamlessly incorporated into Woo Commerce, Namo's store pages have been meticulously crafted to help you build a classy, contemporary store. In addition to woocommerce assistance, Namo was localised and made translatable and checked for interoperability with the WPML plug-in.

Make your headers translucent and use light/dark logo and text colours according to the colour schemes of the Heroes section picture. - Broad option panel - with over 500 Google fonts and enhanced backgrounds and control for different parts of the theme, Namo gives you the flexibility to customise your theme.

  • Meticulously researched and award-winning customer support. - Switch to Single / One Page Website - Assign clear ID's to the section in the Page Builder and simply turn the theme into a One Page site by clicking on these links. - Save Bar and Heroes section selected for the shop page use shop category and archive pages.

Optionally lower widget area, main navigation and sidebar navigation. NAMO would not have been what it is today without the help of the following individuals and their exceptional work.

About NAMO WordPress - Documents

Thanks so much for buying my motive. Here you will find all the information you need to get familiar with NAMO and how to create your website with our topic. You can download a copy of the latest WordPress release here if you have not yet installed your WordPress software. Menue > Look > Topics.

Topics available show 'NAMO'. Under NAMO, click the "Activate" tool. Annotations [optional] - Go to Menu > Preferences > Discussion and activate the following two items under'Other Annotation Settings': It may be necessary to have the WordPress Importer plug-in installed at this state. Locate the example contents in the Downloaded File > Sample Content > Main Demo XML> namo. yml and click the Upload Files icon.

WordPress may take a while to load and load files. This topic has all the Option panel preferences that are preset to the preferences you see in the demonstration. If you want to reimport the contents, do the following. Select the Revolution Slider demonstration contents under Downloaded Files > Sample Contents > Revolution Sliders.

Select the zipped file for the slider individually. Please browse to the Downloads section to find the latest release of the theme by signing into your theme forum user name. Navigate to Appearances -> Themes, remove the latest Namo file and then reinstall the latest Topiczipp file you just uploaded from the Themesforest.

As an alternative, you can unpack the Theme-Zip download in the first stage, use FTP to establish a connection to your FTP site, browse to the /wp-content/themes directory of your Wordpress install, and substitute the "namo" directory with the unpacked directory. In the Namo changeslog please make sure that there is an update of the Slider Revolution plug-in.

Otherwise, please go to your Themeforest user interface, log in, navigate to the "Downloads" section and unzip the archive. You will find the dokumentation, sample content, theme zipped, kid theme zipped and reverslider in the packages directory. zipped . zipped . Log in to your Wordpress administration area, navigate to the Revolution Slider Panel using the hyperlinks in the side bar on the right, and find the "Manual Plugin Update" icon in the bottom right hand corner of your computer monitor.

If you notice when you activate the theme that the option pane display is empty, it is very likely that the amount of available space for PHP on your web site is very small. Website Status - Before you begin customizing the Option window, change the status of the website to Development state.

Dark Scheme- There are design features where you can have a translucent section of the headers on each of the pages. Here you can choose to load another copy of your logos which will be used on pages with Dark Scheme Transparency headers (e.g. This is a page with Transparency Header).

For more about Transparency Headers and how to use them, see other pages.). In case no picture is loaded here, the standard logotype is used. Embroidery on translucent Light Schema headers - There are design features where you can have a translucent headers area on each page.

Using this options you can choose to load another copy of your logos which will be used on pages with transparent head (e.g. This is a page with transparent head). For more about Transparent headers and how to use them, see other pages.). In case no picture is loaded here, the standard logotype is used.

None - Activate this if you do not select a one. Scale backgrounds - Activate this (only) if a particular picture needs to be resized as wallpaper. Please select from the available pictures provided by us or send us a picture of your interest. You can find a number of different ways to create a wallpaper of your choosing here.

It is possible to select the backgrounds for sections such as the top head, the bottom head, the head, the head, the body, the content and the footer. The design is equipped with a standard setting for all these functions. You can find more information about changing the typography here. You can change the following items for each element: font family, size, letter spacing, row height, style, weight, transformation, and color.

The design is equipped with a standard setting for all these functions. Layouts - Choose between Text Box or Large Layout. Show comment on pages - Enable this if you want the comment to appear on your pages. User-defined sidebar - You can define user-defined slidebars and use them on each web page.

The design is equipped with a standard setting for all these functions. Colour scheme - This is the theme colour. Background Secondary Colour - Modules like Tabs, Accordian, Pricing Column, Quote Blog Mail and some more will have this colour as background by deaf-mutes. So the very first stage in creating your portfolio page is loading all of your portfolio contents.

In order to download the contents, generate each of your portfolio items as a portfolio postype. In this section, the creation of a Portfolio Post Types is explained in detail. To the right, you can choose to attach the category and tags to the portfolio item. You can use catagories and tags to filter/group your portfolio items on the portfolio pages.

Leftumbnail To - You can select from 2 different ways - either to associate the element with a single portfolio page on your website or with an outside address. Externally URL associated with image mini - If you decide to associate with an externally attached URL (in the above option), you should specify the address here.

Dual Width - You can select whether to have some of your holdings displayed differently. When you select this box, the thumbnail that you have added to the Featured Image will be twice as wide as before. Dual Elevation - You can select whether to have some of your assets displayed differently. When you enable this box, the thumbnail you have added as a featured image will be twice as high as before.

Individual Page - Page Builders : In order to construct this page, you must use the "Page Builder" page that you see on the Portfolio Post Type page. The Page Builder's flexibility allows you to construct any type of single portfolio page. Illuminated box - The Featured Picture shown in point 2 will be opened in an illuminated box.

It is also possible to open a movie in a lightweight speaker. In order to open a movie in the flash window, simply append the movie UL L to Featured Picture in WordPress Media Galerie, as shown in the picture below. Example for lighting picture and film. Scroll Pictures - Upload the pictures you want to see in the slider portfoliootypes.

Helden Section Options - Helden Sections applies only to the individual portfoliotypes that use the Page Builder. There is a seperate section about the hero section and how it should be used. Extract - The contents specified here are shown as information about the mail category in the individual pages of the portfolios.

Once you have generated the post type portfolios, assigned categories and tagged them, and generated the corresponding single-portfolio pages, the next stage is to present your post type portfolios on each page of your website. In this section you will find the detail you need to know in order to build the Portfolioraster on your web pages or open already built pages.

With the Page Builder module the section of the page is added to the page. There are three ways to display the asset history sheet. Click the "+" character under the Page Builder section, as shown in the picture. There are three marked moduls that can be used for the product range.

You are - Portfolio, FullWidth Portfolio, FullWidth Portfolio, FullWidth Portfolio Gutter. Portfoliocategories - All available categories are list here. Select and select the ones to be shown on the page. Activate bricklayer artwork - Activate this checkbox if you want the portfolio pictures to be shown in the bricklayer artwork.

Overlay Thumbnail Color - Overlay Color that you want to use on your inventory elements. Portfoliocategories - All available categories are list here. Select and select the ones to be shown on the page. Activate bricklayer artwork - Activate this checkbox if you want the bricklayer artwork to be shown in the bricklayer artwork.

Page Styles - You can select the page styles as infinite scrolling or as the Loading More Buttons. Overlay Thumbnail Color - Overlay Color that you want to use on your inventory elements. That kind of inventory takes up the entire desktop from border to border. Portfolioelements are divided with a specified raster distance.

Module choices for this short code are very similar to FullWidth Portfolios. This completes the setup of your portofolio page. There are 4 different kinds of page templates in the design. Standard artwork - This is the standard artwork. In order to reformat the sidebar, you need to move down to the bottom of the page, where you can see the sidebar option area.

Enter the value for the two option here, Page Sidebar Layout and Sidebar here. The page retrieves the contact information you specified in the option panel. One of our special features is the header and hero area of a page. Below is a small excerpt from the list of ways you would use the offered choices to get the best header/hero section for your page.

Helden Section Header On - The Helden Section can have either a slider, a picture, or a video. Select the appropriate item. Insert Revolution Slider - If you select Slider, insert the Revolution Slider short code in the text box here. Clear Header - Enable this if you want the header above the picture to be clear.

Head positions are always at the top of the hero's side. Clear Headers Shade - This is to select the shade sheet for the headers if you have selected a clear headers so that you can have a bright headers shade for a bright picture and a bright headers shade for a bright picture.

Location of the Hero Section - For a non-transparent headers, you can select whether to have the Hero Section above or below theader. Helden Section with Headers - If the headers are opaque and the location of the hero section is in front of the headers and no custom height is specified, you can select whether you want to see the headers with the hero section or not.

Custom Helden Section Altitude - If no value is specified here, the Helden Section will occupy the full display altitude according to the display unit by defaults. Background colour of Helden Section - BG colour for Helden Section if required. Heldenschnitt wallpaper - Heldenschnitt BG-picture. Heroes section background repeat - BG repeat options.

Heroes section background attachment - Select whether to scroll or fix the picture. Use Hero Section Center Image to occupy containers - Enable this if you want the picture to be scaled and take up the full size of the containers. Enable Hero Section Parametrics - Enable this if you want to paralyze the hero section.

Remember that if you select the parallax effect, you must select the BG appendix in point 11 to Fix. Enable hero section background movie - Enable this item in additional to the item in item 1 if you are using a hero section movie. If you are using a hero section movie, also make sure you have uploaded the preloader picture in the hero section background picture in point 9 and scaled the picture in the middle.

Heroes section Videos. MP34 movie files - Upload the movie to the Media Library and specify the filename here if it is an MPEG4 movie. Heroes section Videos. For OGG videos - Upload the OGG videos to the Media Library and enter the filename address if the OGG videos are in MP3 4 mode.

Heroes section Videos. The Webm movie files - Upload the movie to the Media Library and specify the filename here if it is an MP3 4 movie. Enable Hero Section Background Layering - Enable this if you want to apply an overlap to the Hero Section. Heroes section contents - Adds any contents you want to view about the heroes section.

So much power can reach you different combinations of headers and heroes area, many of which are shown in the demonstration. This design uses our user-defined Page Builder and is very high-performing. To open the section settings page, click the(5) icon in the above picture. Wallpaper - Upload any picture you want to use as the wallpaper for this section.

Centre scaling - Resize the picture to match the size of the canister. Margin Size - Be sure to enter only numbers in these selections. Upper Upholstery - Make sure you only enter numbers in these items. Lower Upholstery - Make sure you only enter numbers for these items.

Activate Wallpaper Movie - Activate this if you want to include a movie as wallpaper in the section. To open the Line Settings page, click the(4) icon in the above screenshot. Do not Wrap - You can select this if you want the section containing this line to take up the entire width of the viewer.

You can enable this feature to deactivate the bottom edge of a line as needed. You can enable this setting to deactivate the spacing between rows as needed. Enabling this box will apply an extra layer of 120px to the selected color field, which will emphasize the appearance of the color field when used with a corresponding color field.

This design has numerous shortcuts and can be used with the Page Builder. With Namo you can set up your website as a single page / one-page website. Inside the drop down named Posts Page, select the page you have page you want the blog to be.

Here are a few choices you should set up in the option panel to change the look of your main mail page. Select any style. Blogs Sidebar Position - You can select whether you want to have a right sidebar or a right sidebar for your blogs.

The Blog Option Panel has some preferences that will help you reformat the Header and Hero section of your Sinlge Blog Post pages. However, the header and hero section for the main blog page should only be configured on that page. Option -> Appearance -> NAMO Option -> Single Blog Hero section.

Here you find the following choices for the heroes area of all pages of the Single Blog Post. WooCommerce is used for the store in our theme. As soon as you have created the store page, you need to make some adjustments in the option panel to control the appearance of your store page.

  • You can activate this checkbox if you want a sidebar in your store page. A number of options are available in the Options Panel for the store to help you reformat the Head and Hero section of your single store/product page. However, the header and hero area for the main store page should only be installed on the relevant page.

Settings -> Appearance -> NAMO settings -> Single Shop Hero section. Here you find the following settings for the heroes area of all pages of the Single Blog Post. Headers hero section of - These are the most important criterions. When you select the'Options Panel - Here' checkbox, the Heroes Area checkbox you have created on this page will be displayed for all pages of the single transaction/product.

However, if you select'Single Page', the Heroes section will be displayed on the respective products page. Most of the remaining configurations of the Hero section resemble what's under the title'Pages Part 2 - Header and Hero Section' Revolutionlider - This is a high-performance slide control.

Slider Revolution can be used in the hero section and anywhere on the pages. We use WooCommerce for the store in our theme. Rename the page and select the page style "Contact" for this page. Assigning the Contacts page templates to the topic fills this page with a contacts page, and the e-mail is sent to the e-mail ID specified in the contacts settings in the Options Panel (above).

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