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The bold font and full screen background of this template are a creative character. You can also use these website templates by artists or designers. 20 beautiful photography website templates Just like designer and other artist, too, photographers should have nice on-line portfolios-sites! With a good product range you will win more customers for your company. Photography website templates usually have minimalistic photography styles and a focus on creating visually stunning images, but remember that a website photography site is not just a collection of your best work.

Sharing a profesionally structured portofolio makes you a qualified pro. Today we have chosen 20 wonderful free and high quality website templates for gifted photo professionals. Each of these samples is intended to awaken your creative spirit and encourage you to develop a more attractive and different range of designs. You can also use these website templates by an artist or designer.

Is a free website submission for a gifted professional artist. Users can easily attach a large full size picture that looks good when this website is combining different sized typographic images. Translucent overlaid menubar fits neatly into the selected look. It can be a great inspirational tool and a great motif for a professional photographer.

So if you're looking for something inspiring or a website artwork that would be just right for a city shooter, you might have just found the right example. The Street Life suggests a minimalistic look with a large photograph just below the minimalistic menubar. The Volta is a neat and contemporary photography WordPress subject that is ideal for a professional who is trying to advertise his work.

It consists of HTML5 and CSS3 and uses the best WordPress Reduxmework. It uses a deep backdrop and a slide control to present stunning photographs. Its minimalistic styling is definitely ideal for monochrome photography. It could be the pattern you were looking for, or your next inspirational work!

The website uses a giant headline typeface superimposed on a bright bluish horizontally strip. You can see the same colour in the design's logotype. Scroll further to see an amazingly large miniature view galery that would present your photos in a contemporary and minimalistic way. Photoastic contains a few useful page templates for photography and commercial sites.

Use Phototastic to present your nice product range or use it on your commercial website. The free templates are another good example of a photographer's website templates that use a minimalistic look to highlight photographs. Altogether this example looks great and the pictures are beautifully presented.

Shutter Zone pattern has an sleek and contemporary look, with a horizontally ribbon on which the user can place their best photographs, blank head print, followed by a large miniature view album. The Shutter gives you a quick and easy way to use your page templates as an album. This topic was developed especially for the presentation of photography and works of art.

Marriage and event photography is a free artwork that also uses a large prestigious photograph as the first thing a viewer sees. Another good example of a city photographer's website. Continue browsing this example and see the stunning full-screen grids galleries that are great for city photography. It has a clear and stylish look that can be used to build a web site that is easy to use, or one that fosters a company.

In addition, it has an attractive styling that fits portable equipment. This example might be a good place to start if you are a grocery shopper and want your own website. Another good example of a website for a marriage and event photographer. What is it? Look at the minimalistic styling of this example, which concentrates on presenting nice photographs.

It has many great functions like a classy full frame style, user defined and many one of a kind page templates, a GT3 Page Builder pull & dropping plug-in, a fast reacting style that is also retinal, HTML5 and CSS code and much more. It will look great on any retina-enabled machine.

Featuring a 360 degree fast response picture reader for presenting works of art or photos, this topic can be used to provide your website visitor with a very real viewing experience. Your website visitor will be able to see the images in a very short time. The DIVA is a great WordPress folder topic developed specifically for the photographer and anyone else interested in this field. It will make your lifestyle much simpler if you have to create your website.

A fast-reacting and network-rich WordPress topic, Bleecker makes your website look great on any machine. There is also a raster system outfit. The example is great for portfolio, article, photography, creativity industry, and the listing can get longer. And last but not least, this example is ideal for a true home shooter.

Uses a mesh galleries on a bright grey backdrop. Designed in a contemporary and minimalistic way. Would you like some idea on how best to build a website for your portfolios? Take advantage of these inspirational inspirations to find out more about different technologies, designs, styles, colour and patterns, and more.

You can then work to further revolutionize the classical photography business by going one stage further and demonstrating that there are innumerable ways to present your work. Things you need to consider when choosing a photography website submission / portfolio: Large portfolios are fundamentally sound portfolios.

Insufficient elements in the portfolios could make you look like an ham. Do not add medium or medium sized photographs to expand your inventory. Categorise your portfolios. When you help a prospective customer find what he or she is looking for quickly, that customer may well think that easy browsing is a frequent topic in your UX themes.

And keep the asset allocation easy. How much do customers expect from a phototfolio? Consider how your asset value is perceived. When an observer just sits there for a moment searching my portfolios, what should that observer see and how do I make sure he or she will see it?

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