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Graphics class provides methods for drawing objects on the display device. The chapter provided an overview of GDI+ and examined the use of custom controls in the .NET framework. The most basic form of graphics programming in Visual Basic.Net uses a collection of classes known as GDI+.

Graphics Device Interface (GDI) library is the name given to this support. Framework through classes in the System.Drawing, System.

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Below is a sample example that is intended for use with Windows Forms and includes a PaintEventArgs item. PaintEventArgs has the name f and is a Paint Eventhandler variable. Create an picture from a JPEG files. Create a point at which the top right hand edge of the picture should be drawn.

Plots the non-scaled picture with a graphic item on the monitor. private: <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents Bild^ againImage = Image::FromFile( "SampImag.jpg"); < < < < // Make a dot for the top right hand edge of the thumbnail.

Make a point for the top right hand edge of the picture. Draws an picture on the monitor. Graphics provides ways to plot items on the viewer. Graphics are assigned to a particular instrument contour. To obtain a graphical entity, call the Control.CreateGraphics method on an entity that comes from System.Windows.Forms.Control, or handle the Control.Paint occurrence of a particular element and access the Graphics Property of the System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs family.

It is also possible to generate a graphic item from an existing picture using the FromImage methode. You can find more information about how to build a graphic objects under How to: Generate graphic objects for the drawing. There are many different forms and strokes you can paint with one graphic entity. To learn more about drawing a line or form, see the drawing element for the line or form you want to paint in the drawing element of DrawGraphical.

See Using a pen to create a line or shape and Using a paintbrush to fill a shape for more information about how to create a line or shape. It is also possible to paint pictures and symbols using DrawImage and DrawIcon method. In order to carry out a Bitblock transmission of colour datas from the monitor to the graphic objects, please read the section entitled CopyingFromScreen.

See Working with Pictures, Bitmaps, Symbols, and Metafiles for more information about drawing pictures with a graphic subject. You can also modify the coordinates system used by the graphic objects.

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