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The connection of your Wix-Shop with your Authorize.Net account is easy! The Moolah and Authorize.Net have teamed up with to offer you a fully-fledged merchant account for credit card acceptance on your Wix.

com website. Retail Name - NASDAQ: WIX.

Moolah ( as payment provider | Help-Center

Your Wix balance must have the same denomination as your Moolah balance. In case the denominations do not correspond, the transaction can be rejected. Please click here to find out how to modify your localization. Wherever possible, Wix will connect you to the most appropriate operator in your country.

To use Moolah if you choose to use it and it is available at your site, perform the following steps: In order to link Moolah as a payments provider: Verify your company headquarters in the upper right corner. Move your mouse over Moolah and click Join. If you do not see Moolah as an optional feature, please verify your company email in the Site Manger.

Do you have an bankroll? Then click Join Existing Accounts. Then click Join My Account. Tip: If you have an Reseller ID from another reseller, you can type in your login information here and successfully link your Reseller ID to your Reseller Name. You don't have an bankroll: yet: When you click this button, click creating an online account. Again, click Creating an Acct. When you click No, following the prompts will help you set up an email address.

Go back to this screen (repeat step 1-4) and complete the procedure under Having an ID to join your ID. set up as payment portal for Wix Restaurants | Help Center

Important: as your payments gateway. US transactions fees: In order to configure as a payments gateway: Generate an account: If you already have an user name, log in and go to the 2nd steps. Hint: When asked, choose Map not present (CNP) and Map not present (CP). To obtain the API login ID and transactions key, please obey the directions here.

You copy the API Login ID and Transaction Key fields. Specify these in the Card Payments area of the on-line ordering system. Tip: If you have trouble accepting jobs after finishing the set-up, go to your Dashboard and turn off the Fraud Detection filter.

Connect your Wix Shop with Authorize.Net | Add an Online Shop to your Wix Site

The connection of your Wix-Shop with your Authorize.Net accounts is simple! As soon as you have linked your shop to Authorize.Net, payment will be made directly to your Authorize.Net area. How to link your Wix store to Authorize.Net: In the Wix Editor, click your Wix products to choose your Wix series. Click Manage stores in the Properties pane of the Products gallery on the right side of the editor.

Click on Payment & Money in the upper part of the Shop Manager screen. In the Method box, choose Authorize.Net from the drop-down list. Enter the e-mail that you use to log into your Authorize.Net inbox. Choose your preferred Currency from the drop-down list under your Währung. In the Weight box, choose a measure item from the drop-down list.

The Wix Shop is linked to your Authorize.Net area. Personalise your check-out page by creating a brand ing and posting a news item for your clients. How to modify the Authorize.Net check-out page: Click on the Customise your purchase page button under Payment and Currency. On the Check Out Custom page, click Add Picture. Choose an item and click Append Images.

In the Message header, insert a header for the check-out page. They can open the check-out page as a pop-up so that the purchaser does not have to browse away from your website! Select Buyers check out in a pop-up screen from the drop-down list. The Authorize.Net check out page is adjusted.

You can also directly address if you have any problems.

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