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You can use the Content Manager to add and edit the content of your Site Builder Web site. Choose NetSuite Site Builder themes developed by true NetSuite experts, with appealing design templates. Sitebuilder: basics Explore how to keep tabs on and control your stock in this two-day, introduction course, using a variety of merchandise management tools to increase conversion. You' ll learn how to design and view products, establish price setting, ship and pay methodologies, employ advanced placement improvement technologies, and analyse buyer behaviour through engaging training and hands-on work.

In addition, we strongly suggest that you participate in the "SuiteAnalytics: Course "Reports and Research". Creating and displaying articles in my web shop? Using advanced search and ranking (SEO) techniques to optimise articles? Configure article price option? Configure your own online checkout? Do you use the site's default reporting to analyse customer behaviour?

Compare NetSuite Site Builder to SuiteCommerce Advanced

NetSuite, as you know, provides a full front and back office/suite commerce solutions where SuiteCommerce controls the on-line distribution and NetSuite ERP does all the back work. NetSuite E-Commerce gives you a big advantage over competitive e-commerce solutions because NetSuite's enhanced SuiteCommerce provides you with a fully featured, fully end-to-end system of bespoke web shops and Managed hosting that is seamlessly synchronized with back-office operational processes such as stock and warehousing, distribution, customer service, merchandising, etc.

NetSuite currently provides two variants of its e-commerce platforms - Site Builder, which is its bequest e-commerce offer, and SuiteCommerce Advanced, its latest flag ship in the e-commerce offer. While Site Builder provides a closely integrated, scalable sales platform for NetSuite end users, it is less feature-rich than SuiteCommerce Advanced, which provides tonnes of functionality and full agility to expand the site beyond its limitations.

This article will discuss the commonalities and large discrepancies between these two NetSuite e-commerce platform solutions. I hope at the end of this article you will have a better feeling for which e-commerce solution is best for your needs (if you are already on the NetSuite platform). Let us first look at the commonalities between these two plattforms.

In addition to the functions shared by both platform, SuiteCommerce Advanced provides a number of additional capabilities that give it an advantage over Site Builder, such as SuiteCommerce Advanced, as you can see from the above functions, is much more for your money than Site Builder and the perfect choice if you face any of the following issues.

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