New Blogger Templates 2016

2016 New Blogger Templates

Sora Seven is a new, powerful, responsive blogger template for blog and magazine websites. 14 January 2016. Leave a comment. Upgrade: Version 4.2.

1 - April 20, 2016 (None Raw not required to upgrade) Blogger Templates 2018, daily updates with Professional & Responsive Blogger Templates. We' ve created this free blogger template for you to download so you can focus on creating your content instead. Finally, you turn your blog into a business.

Getty hier dans unserem Shop, dans unserem Etsy Shop oder auf Creative Market ab.

We' ve been really busy lately with the publication of our new WordPress topics and now we've released some new Blogger templates. Hit the Gemini, Heyden and Phoebe! Then we call them "the twins" because they are built on the same beloved design with the big frame slide control plus 3 promo boxes below.

It was a very favourite design for our recently decommissioned Kiersten themed. Heyden and Phoebe, like all our awesome blogger templates, look great and are full of features: We' ve added a few new functions that make it much simpler to create templates with less programmed text in them. You' ll soon be expecting WordPress releases of these topics with WooCommerce compliance, tonnes of sliders and layouts choices, Google fonts and limitless colour choices.

Collect Heyden here in our store, in our Etsy store or on the creativity mart. Heyden's Gemini, Phoebe here, Etsy or Create Mart. We have also been involved with some customer specific work, updated this page (NEW VIEW comes soon - more buyer friendliness!) and kept an eye on our forthcoming releases:

Blogger New Templates

Dedicated to making a great new $15 Blogger template collection especially for you, our creative staff has been working on it. Naturally we have taken care of your favourites, but we have also added a whole range of stunning new styles. Look at the serious new blogs candies below. and these are just our NEWS.

ALL our basic Blogger templates can be seen in our $15 Blogger Templates Store. Not only are our $15 Blogspot templates inexpensive, they're also a fast way to get an appealing new blogspot look, because you can instantly add them to your website! Ideal for those who don't want to pay the big money for a ready-made or individual look (although your reader will surely think you did) and for those of you who want to often modify the look of your website, our premier blogger templates are the best choice.

They' re simple to set up and are a sure way to get your reader to come back for more money. Personally, I adore her for my feed and my own blogs! They' simple to buy and deploy and I like to change my templates from time to time. Please note that every monthly we give away a $15 Blogspot/$20 WordPress gift to a happy one.

Exactly like we do on Facebook here or you will be Google + successor here and you will be logged in automaticly to gain each and every months. Visit our Blogger Template Store and take a look at our design today!

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