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Useful for tablets: Touchscreen operation, new apps and gentle handling of the battery. Bring a truly futuristic look to your Windows XP machine. We leave you with a different theme for a particular season: So each new theme will be provided with different elements. The new PC hardware this week:

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The bigger picture can be seen here. It comes with fully peeled wide belts and is perfect for warm summers (and even at night :)). MORABELLA topic available in 2 different version. Pale azure and pale grey, both available from the Topic Wizard. It is a beautiful little pause from many obscure themes I have made in recent years.

Turn your desk into a DJ record player with this stunning design. If you want to see what the topic looks like in full size mode and see a small movie, please go to this page. The subject is coming along: A crisp and stylish design, perfect for daily use. The topic contains very detailled widget skin and some interesting animation. Please go to the topics page for additional screen shots, symbols and more....

Beyond the Great - a fully animated spatial topic. Many thanks first of all to Vitaly Cachev, who helped me to create my animation just right and smoothly. Topic comes with 3 set-ups. Visit the Themes page for extra screen shots, symbols and themed videos. Somewhat ???off the wall???, but very useful and ocular.

The topic contains some really interesting answers and a very one-of-a-kind Widget Theory. There is a dedicated themed page where you can view some large screen shots, watch a movie with themed functions, and get specific symbols used for categories elements. Soon you can look forward to a motif in other colours. It' s been a while since the first Hacker cave topic and it was just getting better.

It is a completely new subject, developed from the ground up and equipped with many greaties. In order to use these symbols: "c: \Program Files\Aston2\Icons\Folders\" - To recover genuine images, copy backed up images back to "c: \Program Files\Aston2\Icons\Folders\" themes have 2 preset, by default one is fully motioned and the other comes with a statically loaded wallpaper. Use the Topic Wizard to toggle between them.

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