New Divi Theme

A new Divi theme

Update Divi Feature! New Divi Color Manager & Magic Color Suggestions Now we introduce the all-new Colour Management for Divi, a fairly magic new user experience that makes it easy to maintain colours, navigate to recently used colours and browse the colour landscape for new and nice colour themes for your website. Each time you work on a colour in Visual Builder, you get fast and easy control over your customisable website colour scheme.

It' great if you have already chosen a colour theme, but it's not so useful during your first designing out. That' s why today we introduce a much more vibrant colour system that nourishes itself on your interaction to enhance effectiveness and stimulate ingenuity. First thing you will see is the new Last Colors page.

The system tracks all colours you use to design your website for you. If you' re exploring new things and finally selecting different colours, these last used colours stay readily available, so you can use them again when you create a new page or page. Those new colours will be saved on your whole website!

Take your stored colours and current colours and extend them with our own colour algorithms, which create harmonic colour matches for each colour on your palette. While you are creating your website, Divi proposes new and nice colours to match the colours you have already used and the colours you have stored.

As you extend your colour range, all these colour proposals are generated dynamic and shown for ease of use. By exploring the colour scale, each of your colours is extended into its own colour patterns. Every line is a new and one-of-a-kind colour theme consisting of one of the colours in your range, and you can quickly pick up these colour proposals as you create your page.

As well as helping you be effective, the new Colours panel also lets you be imaginative. Our goal is to help a designer be more creatively minded throughout the entire web designing lifecycle, including the early idea lifecycle and early stage designs studies within the Builders. Use the New Colours page to help you be inspired by your own designs, and the colour suggestion system will find colours that match the colours you have used on your site.

Then you can take these concepts and consolidate them by storing the colours on your stored website colour palette as you finalise your website's theme system. Our new colour management is still available today, so please feel free to take it for a spin by downloading Divi. Tell us what you think in the commentaries and don't miss out on visiting again next weekend to get even more great Divi-news.

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