New Iphone Launcher

A new Iphone Launcher

Experience KitKat with this new launcher for Android. Synchronise your computer, customise your home screen, keep an eye on your kids, prioritise, organise and give your phone a whole new look. The new iPhone Theme Launcher is here to customize your phone.

App Apple removed the Launcher App

At the end of Friday evening Apple took an application named Launcher out of the Apple Store, and the conditions under which the application was taken out made the author scratch his throat. The Launcher was initially developed to help its user safe a lot of effort by providing one-tap links to favorite action items on their iPhone that might require a few simple steps.

The best thing about Launcher was how it used the new widget function within iPOS 8 to run these instructions with a simple touch. Using Apple's new widget system, Launcher placed these keyboard combinations within your grasp and placed them right in the notification centre of your iPhone. The launcher started on the same tag as iPOS 8, and Gardner says the application started quickly, resulting in literally thousands of e-mails from people saying they love the application and its time-saving way.

It was also the first start that Gardner had ever listened to possible problems that Apple might have with the application when an Apple staff member in development relationships got in touch with Gardner to say that he wasn't sure if the launcher should be released at all and that he would review his state and get in touch with him.

There was a big shock in the form of breaking reports for Gardner, who had already seen the application approve. "You weren't sure whether you would allow broadget or not," Gardner said. "A few and a half years passed, and Gardner says it wasn't until September 23 that he was called back by Apple.

Said they had chosen not to allow one-time use of the iPhone and that Gardner could either take out the launcher function or get the application taken out of the Apple Store. Gardner, who felt that Apple's indecisiveness would deprive end user of his favourite kernel function, tried to make compromises by compelling the short-cut widget to jump back to the launcher application before performing the widget's operation.

There is nothing in the formal document that says that a wideget can't run other applications," Gardner said. "Gardner filed the PT between 4:30 pm and 5 pm and thought Apple would take a few extra day to check the fix, which would also give him a little more free space to find out his next move.

Instead, Apple quickly declined the new fix and completely took Launcher out of the Apple Store Friday afternoons. "Gardner said, "I don't think it was a fluke that it was so late on Friday night," and suggested that Apple decided to act quickly to stop the news from learning about the app's withdrawal.

And even after removing the launcher from the Apple Store, the happy people who downloaded the application can still use it and its unparalleled widget capabilities. No launcher user can update to the Pro release for extra capabilities, but the key capabilities remain and Gardner plans to support the application as long as possible.

Meanwhile, Gardner sticks with his weapons and hopes that if enough folks are complaining about Apple's undecided policies, the corporation could allow Launcher's comeback. He was even implicated in the creation of an on-line amendment. org Petition in which Apple is asked to review its widget policy. However, Gardner is still disappointed by the past and said that this could be the end of his development of applications for iPOS.

Although he has no previous experiences with Android, he still hopes he can proceed with Launcher when it comes back. If Apple doesn't alter its opinion about this in the near term, then I don't know why I should go on developing for a system that can make one-sided choices like this and turn off something that humans love and have put a great deal of work into," Gardner said.

"You seem to ignore the wishes of your user. "To learn more about Gardner's struggle to keep the Launcher going, visit the Launcher's website.

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