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Ring tone categories; New / Recently added; Popular. Every day we update our list with the best and highest quality ringtones. With a new retro ringtone selected, it's time to put it on your phone.

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Upload ringtones, news sounds, alarm sounds etc.... Complimentary mobile ringtones for all types of telephones released and delivered by our subscribers. Select from over 35000 ringtones that have been added in different category. Grab the latest ringtones in your mobile phone in your desktop stereo audio files and put the most cool, trendy sound in your mobile phone. Hints for selecting the best ringtone:

Get access to an infinite number of ringtones and get them without logging in or registering. Polls show that more than half of mobile subscribers between the ages of 15 and 30 at least once downloaded ringtones. In order to load and distribute your ringtone library, click the "Upload ringtone" link and send .mp3 documents less than 2 megabytes (.MB) in file format.

That might seem fun, but research shows that your ring tone says a great deal about your person. Yes, it's real, just like your favourite colour, your favourite books, your favourite movies or movies, your favourite meals, your selection of ringtones also reflects your nature and your person. Buzzle has put together a diagram that shows different ring tone types and the personalities associated with each ring tone.

Upload ringtones that convey a fun character and a fun look. Remember that you can be assessed by the ring tone you use. Select a new and beloved ring tone and make sure it is not dull, old-fashioned or annoying. Ring tones are uploaded/sent by users of this website.

There are 2 easy ways to adding ringtones to an Android phone

Are you sick of hearing the old ringtones that came with your Android cellphone? Convert any audio or musical data source into a user-defined ring tone for free, without having to sign up for a subscription or buy a free software package to use it. While you have the audio or video you can either use your computer to manipulate it to ring length and then sent it to your mobile or you can use an application on your Android phone to make a ring tone from all the audio saved on your mobile.

Get your ring tone files ready. Ringtones can be received or created from a wide range of locations. Ring tones should be about thirty seconds long and can be created from any audio signal. Please click here for directions on how to make and edit your own ring tone from a free audio or video recording using free computer programs.

Be sure to store your finished ring tone as mp3. Click here if you want to make a ring tone with an application on your Android without ever plugging it into a computer. Plug your Android telephone into your computer using a standard connection via your computer's built-in computer interface. Go to the Ringtones directory. And if you don't have a ringtones directory, you can make one in the basic directory of your telephone.

Right click on an empty field in the home of your telephone and click on "Create new" ? "Folder". In the Ringtones tab, copy the ring tone to the Ringtones group. Now you can click the ringtones by dragging the ringtones from your computer to the Ringtones subfolder, or you can right-click and then click Copy, then right-click and choose Insert Ringtones in the Ringtones subfolder.

Unplug your telephone after the ring tone has been transmitted. On your mobile device, open the Settings application and choose "Sound". Touch the "Phone Ringtone" or "Ringtone" item. Choose your ring tone from the dropdown menu. When the ring tone has an ID3 (information) tag, it appears with the correct name, otherwise it is shown by its file name.

From the Google Play Store, browse and select your favorite game. Many applications are available that can make ringtones, but Ring Tone Maker is free and has a basic user friendly user friendly application. You can use other applications, and the procedure will probably be very similar to using it. If you want to use the ring tone, just either browse to your phone and select the desired ring tone and click "Download".

For Ringtone Maker to work, you must have the audio track saved to your Ringtone Maker on your handheld. Please click here for directions on how to add your favorite songs to your mobile telephone. Launch the Ringtone Maker application. You will see a listing of all audio on your unit. In case you cannot find the desired item, touch the Menu icon in the top right hand corner and choose Browse.

Then you can search the memory of your unit for the desired audio from. Touch the gray icon next to the name of the document you want to work on. Choose "Edit" from the drop-down list. You can use the slider controls to control the section of the tracks you want to turn into the ring tone. Ring tones are best adjusted to 30 seconds or less.

During rest periods in the background, try to arrange your start and stop points in such a way that the ring tone does not rattle. Rename the ring tone. is the name under which it is displayed in the ring tone select box. Touch the " Store " button to store your new ring tone in your ring tone file.

To use the ring tone you create for other system tones such as alerts or alerts, touch the Ring Tone drop-down box and choose the site you want to use. On your mobile device, open the Settings application and choose "Sound". Touch the "Phone Ringtone" or "Ringtone" item. Choose your new ring tone from the dropdown box.

What can I do with the ringtones I download? Once you have dowloaded it, you will find it in your fileserver. Click "More Options" and you will see an item to use as a ring tone. Can I transfer ringtones from an old mobile to my new Android-mobile? Plug your old telephone into your computer, open the phone's storage recess in Windows Explorer.

Then plug in your new telephone and obey the instructions in the item. Where can I upload an MP-3 track from an SD memory stick to the Ringtones section? Place (1) the audio files on your phone's SD memory cards, (2) browse the files in the Files Viewer, and (3) copy the files to the ringtones folders in your phone's memory.

How can I get ringtones that are not soundtrack? How can I get ringtones for my mobile phones? Where can I get a ring tone for my mobile number? It' gonna give you a chance to get the track downloaded. Where can I find the Filesaver on my Android telephone? Does the deletion of the ring tone application also remove the ring tone?

I' ve just uploaded a track, but I can't transfer it from my list in the iTunes to a ring tone! As I use a ring tone, which was sent to me from another mobile telephone? What can I do to create new ringtones?

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