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Latest version update info. It is important to always read our Important Update Information article before upgrading to a new version of the theme. WordPress Business 2018: New Topics We present here some of the newest and best WordPress news topics that are adjusting to the growth of the WordPress family. WorldPress New Topics - Alchem. This is a basic multi-purpose e-commerce WordPress theme for any type of company.

The site has a contemporary look, a large homepage headers and a professionally designed look. Alchem also offers a great wide base line and ease of scroll.

Overall, the theme has a minimalistic but attractive look and will certainly look good on your website no matter what kind of store you own. In terms of functionality, Alchem has an appealing look, both single- and multi-page layout, 7 home page style, many page presets for each section, shortcuts, limitless color, movie wallpaper, FontAwesome symbols, and many other adjustment possibilities.

Moreover, the topic is kind sociable towards SMEs, translations and retina made. Different headline locations, extended headline option, adjustable headline colour and picture, Padding option. A site of web pages that can be reached with our theming. Alchem lets you be sure that no matter what kind of devices your website is accessed from, it will look accurate to the last detail.

Created in HTML5+CSS3 programming languages, it is well encoded according to the latest SQL Server software standards. Getting this SEO-friendly topic with the latest encoding technology will make your website to be loved by your webmasters. Allows you to change the overall colour with a single click, the colour selection dialog helps you to find the desired colour simply.

Select from 4 different designs with custom pages. This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages. You can create indefinite Alchem website version with easy setting. WorldPress New Themes - Amory is not only characterized by a contemporary and minimalistic look, but is also an outstanding WordPress theme for one reason: the primary emphasis is on YOUR work.

Using today's best programming practices, such as HTML5 and CSS3 for WordPress, amorphous motion graphics are subtile but targeted, never overloaded and exaggerated. Of course, Memory is fully reactive, which means that no matter what devices your visitors use to view your contents, it scales smoothly as if it were developed for them to use.

WorldPress Best Topics and Website Template for Logistics, Shipping and Freight Enterprises. Also CargoPress is easily setup and operated theme that allows you to build a website for businesses such as: freight forwarding activities, truckservices, various logistics activities, aviation activities, logistics job and much more. It also provides a straightforward road map for creating a good-looking website so you can return to what's most important - your company and your customers.

CargoPress topic will help you to place contents on your trucks, logistic or transport page in an efficient way. CargoPress allows you to create an appealing WordPress website that meets the needs of your business. The CargoPress has an integral page builder that does all the hard work for you. Customize the look of your website with the real-time WordPress Customizing previewer.

CargoPress Theme also contains many different page styles, which you can customize with the Customizer (e.g. cover page style, normal page, store, blogs and more!). Customize your own design with CargoPress' many customized Widget and sidebar options. Do you need an on-line store? The WooCommerce is fully incorporated into the CargoPress theme, so you can quickly set up your store and begin sales immediately.

The CargoPress standard version includes support for most WordPress plug-ins, such as Contact Form 7, Custom Sidebars, Jetpack and Simple Lightbox. The CargoPress looks great on any phone, from the cell phone to the desktops and beyond. It' s a reactive look that goes with any display, and neat coding means it gets loaded quickly - especially on your phone. Interoperability and coding are as important as the theme's look and feel.

CargoPress was developed according to WordPress standards and is developers friendly and simple to adapt or new functions to be added. CargoPress forms the basis for your transport or logistic work. WorldPress New Themes - Cool is a contemporary, highly reactive WorldPress theme that features an appealing look, many choices, and full customizability. The theme will delight the visitor and is ideal for monetisation.

WorldPress New Themes - Mobile - Handcrafted WordPress WooCommerce Theme is a classy, appealing and simple to use WordPress theme. Mobile phone store WooCommerce theme is a good place to begin for anyone who wants to launch their own hand-made store on-line or want to build a hand-made goods market place.

This theme also comes with many functions, such as the standard page lay-out tool, which allows you to define user-defined page styles for each of your stationary, blogs and shops. It is also possible to select any color via the theme's front pane. It has never been so easy to create a customized design typeface.

WorldPress New Themes - Herald is a WordPress theme that has been developed professionally with an eye to message portals and magazines sites. More than 500 variants for your item list layout and many custom features are available without programming skills. With Theme you have a modular system that is extremely versatile and yet simple to set up, with which you can mix and match your items and present them in different ways.

The Herald comes with an extended, easy-to-use theme option pane. The Herald offers endless font and color choices, as well as the option to customize the way you display your logos and symbols. Give this topic your own special note! Obviously, you can use one of many related mail plug-ins, but they have provided a straightforward yet efficient way to display related postings for a specific posting, which will cover you in almost all cases.

When you want to change or compile the text on your website, you can simply do so in the Theme Settings section. Please be aware that the languages. pos and . mo are provided if you would rather use the default WordPress translations or a multi-lingual website. When you use your website for right-to-left literacy, there is a easy way to do that!

WorldPress New Themes - Interactive is an eye-catching and cutting-edge blogs theme that is ideal for busy Web masters who want to get involved with their audiences. Innumerable design customization possibilities make the design completely adaptable, while high-performance functions give you more ways to interactively connect with your guests and keep them returning.

WorldPress New Topics - Jay is a premier WorldPress blogs theme that has a neat and contemporary look. If your reader visits your blogs, nicely crafted postings with customized tags will first draw their attention. You can also place all WordPress built-in and our customized sidebars in the side bar.

In case the area of the side bar is not sufficient, a side panel has been created for you. WorldPress New Themes - Kwoon is a slim and highly reactive WordPress theme with a neat and professionally designed that will be a great fit for your company, web site, website, blog site or more. The Kwoon was made with the fantastic Twitter Bootstrap v3 and there are many pages with side panels with endless colour choices.

Because it is highly reactive, the site adapts to different display formats, making your website suitable for any type of devices such as smartphones, spreadsheets or workstations. An easy, quick and dependable eCommerce WordPress Theme. Crammed with everything you need to create a nice shop on-line, but no longer, the theme has been designed to be minimalist in style, quick in speed and dependable in service, the opposite of what folks call exaggerated.

WorldPress New Topics - MoneyFlow is a contemporary and professionally designed blogs theme for those who are serious about making a livin' now. Leverage the benefits of sophisticated functionality and simple monetisation and amaze your audiences with a vibrant and engaging design. WorldPress New Topics - NewsPaper is a nice and stylish WorldPress theme designed for pages full of contents.

Featuring trend and latest sorting functions, high-impact functions and a number of postal layout options, NewsPaper is ideal for bloggers who often pose in more than one category to appeal to their readership. WorldPress New Topics - Qaro is a 100% reactive multi-purpose WorldPress theme designed for a multitude of websites: A one-click demo installer lets you get your website up and running in less than a moment and then customize it with the fantastic Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in and our own Theme Appearance Customizer!

A breathtaking, quick, flexible WordPress theme, Severn is a quick and easy way to present your contents professionally and attractively. Featuring an elegant three-column design available in both bright and deep colour layouts, Severn is the ideal option for the demanding newsman. Designed with efficiencies in mind, this WordPress theme contains only the things you need to keep things as simple and efficient as possible.

WorldPress New Topics - Struck is the most powerfull way to divide your work. Ideal for photography, videography, design, agency and softwares - it will help you present your project and make it remember. High-performance theme options with Redux. WorldPress New Themes - Themesy is a versatile retro a style sheet developed for creating challenging project work without the need for outside resource.

Creating a website has never been easier or more entertaining! There are 16 stunning, ready-to-use demonstration pages in Themesy. Any of them can be easily lifted using the one-click importer attached to the design. You can use any function of a demonstration site, no matter which one you have been importing, because they were all built from the same theme.

You can also merge demonstrations with Visual Composer templates very simply. Themesy contains a templates for each lay-out or item contained in each demonstration. WorldPress New Themes - Uncode is a pixel-accurate, multipurpose, graphical WordPress theme built on Visual Composer and developed with great love of detail, versatility, and power. In addition, it is extremely professionally, smoothly and slim, with a clear, contemporary design, for almost any need: office, freelancer, blogs, magazines, portfolio, photographer, business and e-commerce store.

There' a wide variety of designed pages available for you to customize, and anything you can imagine can be created with our uniquely designed version of Visual Composer. Uncode is the best recommendation if you are looking for an cutting-edge, contemporary and neat WP theme. WorldPress New Topics - WordX is a nice and professionally designed theme for blogging and publishing.

It' the ideal theme for high-impact websites with high-definition pictures and ensures that you can rival the top gamers in your area. WordX fully responds to portable computing needs with a myriad of functions and adjustment choices that will take your enterprise to new levels. WorldPress New Themes - Wrting is a neat and lightweight blogs theme for authors who need to build a custom blogsite with easy editing functions and special editing controls to give users the fun of read and write blogs and postings.

Posting your own blogs topics blends contemporary, classical and minimum style and will help you build a fun and neat one. Are you a blogger, then it's a great option for you if you don't need experiments to set up your own custom WorPress blog. It' s also great to set up, it' s really quick and hassle-free, you get high end, fast responding, well-designed blogs so authors can concentrate only on what they're doing, and it has great typeography so your supporters and supporters can concentrate on every single thing you say.

Posting is a minimum featured WordPress theme, everything has been made very easy, just for you. All you have to do is concentrate on your own authoring and this topic will provide a great read for your fellow bloggers. Topic authoring is well organized and has the most progressive and perfectly designed HTML outlines to build a friendship between your website and your webmasters.

All is built according to the latest search engine regulations, so using this theme will increase your search engine optimization results and will get the right reader to you. There are many ways to show your blogs post, you can easily change between different blogs style (Standard, Classic, List, Masonry), you select the best way to show your contents.

In addition to having a sleek look, everything is really quick and straightforward to set up, you don't need any skill to customise your own blogs, all you need to do is set up the look and feel and you'll be done with your blogs. With the Writing WordPress theme you can show yourself in several different online communities.

Also, your article will have a good relationship with your favorite community sites, all sites are well created with Open Graph to look good when you post them on them. XStore makes e-commerce simple. Meticulously designed, this sleek and intuitively designed site features a range of pages, utilities and preferences to help you build a professionally looking and trusted store.

XStore also includes several built-in features that help you enhance the way users perceive your store. Topic options are easy to use and do not require any specific skills, which adds value to a nice and appealing topic. Create your own store with the extended Visual Composer. The new designs are fully embedded in the Page Builder and help you organise the website items using simple dragging and dropping.

Developed to make it easier for the user to have full command over the look and feel of their website without the need for coding, XStore's web site interface is designed to help the user to All of the layouts and styles allow you to build the website you want without requiring any extra knowledge. You' ll get full acces to all upcoming theme release, update and plugin information.

Give your customers the opportunity to browse their product on the store page. The XStore has built-in menus for mega-menus. Organise your goods with multi-column content that you can specify in our theme choices. Select from different blogs to make your pages look great. Alternatively, among the available filtering tools on your store page.

The function is available in our theme preferences. Activate the Catalog mode and all your purchase choices will be removed, to include the Into Basket pushbutton, pricing, etc. Yogi is a neat and charming theme for any events, spas, wellness, gym and healthy bodybuilding related website. Developed specifically for a Yogic Centre, includes 4 user-defined mail types: classy, coach, testimonial, events and tonnes of short code and widgets, its clear styling and singular items can gently illuminate your spirit, just like sitting and practicing some postures.

Simple to install. Slider Revolution installed. a Woo Commerce on-line store prepared. You' ll like Jogi with all its various theme options when you build your next website.

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