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This app is perfect for the new Android marshmallow material design style. Topics for Apps; Launcher Topics; ROM Topics (old); ROM Topics (new).

Launch of the new Android Messages Dark Fashion fabric themes designed by Android.

8/18/18 update: It seems that Google last evening made a server-side fix that reversed the new Topme Designs footage with the sleek designs. Updated 26.08.18: A new release of the iPhone is available, which returns the materials themes as well as darks! For Android Messages Google has approved the new thematic materials revamp for the user 3.5.048 Google 3.5.048.

We' ve figured out how to activate it already in 3.3 when it was first added as a hid feature, but now it is introduced for all people. It' not only a totally redesigned user interface, but also the incorporation of a all new dark modus. Aside from that, there was also never a single topic for Android Messages.

It' not the first Google -created app to get a cloudy topic, as YouTube also recently got one. Android Messages' design will certainly be a welcome complement in those markets where text messaging is widely used. Googles is recreating a number of first-party apps to adapt them to the new material design themes.

These include Google Photos, Gmail and more. This version makes it possible to open the lock gates to publish even more uses with newly designed materials themes. It' certainly an upgraded version and looks much more beautiful than the old one. When you are asking yourself how to get the new APK Mirror APK updates, you can get and deploy the latest APK from APKMirror below.

Stop the program, delete the memory card and review it if you do not see the new theme immediately. It' definitely actively in this release, as many Reddit report that they have the new look after an upgrade from the Google Play Store. It is unlikely to be a step-by-step rollout because we had it work with a OnePlus 6 that was not signed into a Google Accounts login.

Google seems to have promoted a server-side fix that deactivates the new look and feel and the obscure topic. Whilst darkness wasn't included in the log, Material has been redesigned in Material 2. We will look to see if an offical explanation of why the changes have been undone is published.

Re-design seems to be coming back on the market, so many user on /r/GooglePixel.

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