New Sales Rep Introduction Email

A new sales representative Introduction E-Mail

This letter is intended to briefly introduce me as a new sales representative for Dynatek, Business Accounts. I will look at the cost savings through new logistics channels. For e-mails, use the subject line to attract the reader's attention. Jane Doe, your new account manager.

I' d like you to meet me.

I notice more and more sales representatives doing nothing by phone or email but introducing themselves to prospective buyers or customers and letting them know they're there to help with issues if they have any." I have a really tough period to understand why these guys are in sales and get rewarded for doing what they do.

When you receive commission, this stance is useless and a total waste of your life for everyone concerned. Recently I received a call showing this and what a huge amount of useless amount of effort and occasional effort this is. Approximately a year ago I registered to get some Tony Robbins CD's for a boyfriend of mine who had been through a hard period and I thought I could use some encouragement.

The information I entered was her name, street and email but apparently for some reasons I entered my mobile number. Immediately afterwards I got a few telephone conversations to try to sell myself on a few things, but I always said to the caller that I had purchased it for my boyfriend and I was not interested in myself although I am a Tony enthusiast and his work.

Finally they quit talking on the telephone and let me alone until I recently received a call on my mobile from a coincidental number that I wanted to collect for some sort of reasons. As I was picking up the telephone, the sales representative at the other end said, "Hello John, this is (name) Tony Robbins, how are you?

" When you' ve been reading my earlier blog or going through my practice before you know how much I don' t like the introduction "How are you today", but I let it go and said I was well. Then he continued: "I would like to present myself to you and tell you that I am here to respond to all your questions about the programme.

" but was there a specific issue? And so my response was "okay." It got bad. Then he said that he wanted to provide me with more information about some of the available applications and that he wanted to validate my email as " ".

" It' obviously not my email-adress, and once again he didn't really ask me a real questions, so I didn't say anything. Eventually he asked me if that was right, and I said "no". He then asked if I would give him my email but asked them as a closed box like this: "Would you be interested in giving me your email so that I could get the information to you?

Don't ever ask tight tricky and tight tricky and ask tight tricky hard questions while trying to get information from someone. Here I just wanted to see how terrible it would get, so I replied to his query with a "no." There was some unpleasant stillness. He then tried again to get involved, but again fell through.

Again, no doubt about it, so I didn't actually say anything anymore. Following a more unpleasant stillness, he gave me thanks for my spare moment and got off the telephone. This was one of the most miserable acquisition I've had in a long while, but it's one that I know is happening all the while now.

That child was missing several occasions to get involved with me and to get information from me that might have turned into something for him. Like I said, I'm actually a Tony Robbins supporter and purchased his CD's for a boyfriend of mine. They could have asked me a lot of things about what I liked about Tony, why I purchased it for my boyfriend, if I know anyone who might be interested, etc.

It would have been more than nice to have a talk with him if he had done something other than imagine himself and ask me tight little sums. To take it away, when you call to meet folks, stop it. Also make sure you ask open ended question when trying to train or involve others in a discussion.

Salespeople are the only ones in the globe who respond to tight deadlines with open responses. Remaining members of the public will be answering those short of the end, with those short of the end. And, Tony, when you get out there, call me, I think your guys need some work. Subscribe to my monthly newsletters for more blogs and sales videos.

You get sales technologies that can be implemented - no fluff, no spamming.

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