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The new Tema

It is a city on the bay of Benin and the Atlantic coast of Ghana. Neustadt", which was later built on the site, was planned as an industrial and residential complex. Please follow the link to fill out the online TEMA registration form now. The MPS is the operator of the container terminal in the Tema Port.

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The town of Tema was built on the site of a small fisher town. Ordered by Ghana's first presidential commissioner, Kwame Nkrumah, Tema quickly expanded after the building of a large port in 1961. Tema Metropole was conceived, planed and developped by the award-winning designer and first architects of Ghana, Theodore S. Clerk.

One of Ghana's two deep-sea ports is Tema, the other is Sekondi-Takoradi. Tema was converted into an Autonomous Council in 1974 and in December 1990 was granted Urban Assembly statute. Metropole Tema is part of the sixteen (16) metropolises, municipalities and districts in the Greater Accra region.

The inhabitants of the Tormannen also cultivated the Kalebassenpflanze (pumpkin), which is called Tor in the national dialect, hence the name of the Tor-man community (pumpkin country), which was damaged after TEMA. Tema's central municipality was built and the port of Tema was opened in 1962. In the following years Tema developed into the Ghanaian centre of industry with a meticulously designed streetscape with landscape design and lighting.

After 55 years of moving to their present home in Tema Manhean, the chieftains and residents of Tema Manhean have at last returned to their traditional home on the façade of the run-down Meridian hotel complex. Fifty -five years ago, the Osagyefo administration of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana, forced the Tema tribe to move from their homes to today's Tema Manhean in an effort to turn Tema into a contemporary seaport and industry town.

The Tema Central Shopping Mall. The main Tema operators are Volta Aluminium (VALCO), Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), Nestlé Ghana Ltd. Wahome Steel Ltd, Tema Shipyard. There is also a free zoning enslave in Tema. Tema Port in 2008. Opened in 1962, Tema Port is the largest of the two sea ports in Ghana.

Tema's harbour processes 80% of Ghana's imports and exports, among them the country's main exports, cocoa. There are 5 kilometers of breakwater, 12 deep water moorings, an oversized crude carrier mooring, a shipyard, storehouses and transition halls. There are open and roofed areas for the warehousing of freight, among them a 77,200 m (7.72 hectares) large paving area for the warehousing of container, structural iron goods and other traditional goods.

There is also a 100,000 dwt slip and drying area. Tema is home to the SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College (SOS-HGIC), a privately run combined residential institution of the classes 10 to 13. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for grade 10 and 11 and the International Baccalaureate (IB) for grade 12 and 13 are used.

Margaret Nkrumah has led the center for more than 15 years and is now led by Mr. Israel Titi Ofei and Nii Amaa Akita. It also has an internationally renowned Tema Institute, the Tema Institute which is the second largest after HGIC, and a Tema Secondary Institute (TSS or Temasco) which was constructed on 22 September 1961.

Thema has a number of government colleges such as Chemu Senior High School in Community 4, Tema Methodist Day School, Mahean Senior High School, Our Lady of Mercy Senior High School and Tema Technical Institute. Preschools private such as Creator School, St. Paul Methodist Primary School and JHS, Marbs Preschool, Datus School Complex, Deks Educational Institute, Angel School Complex, Naylor SDA School, Tema Christian Centre, Tema Parents Association, First Baptist School, Tema Regular Baptist School, Queen Esther School, Dorsons School,

The Adwen Memorial, Schöpfer Montessori, New Covenant School, St. Alban's School, Lorenz Wolf School, Bexhill School Complex, Life International School, Mazon Grace Academy, Santabarbera School, Angels Specialist School, First Star Academy, Pentecost School, Star School Complex, Tema Ridge, St. John Bosco School und Rosharon School. Tema has a number of systems, both PR and JHS.

The Twedaase Primary School, Star School, Aggrey Road School, Republic Road School, Padmore School, Mante Din Drive School unter anderem. Commons Wikimedia has related to Tema related news medium.

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