New Theme 2015

A new theme 2015

Questions like these will help you identify your most important topic. Take a look at these new rides and attractions in your favourite theme parks. I' ve connected with so many other people and got to know new ones.

Seven most expected new theme parks in 2015

Are you and your bunch going to a theme parc (or two or three) this year? And if so, you will certainly want to board your favourite journeys. We' ve already tested the latest 2015 roller-coaster, so let' s take a look at some of the other new ride additions and features - the newest and best - that parking enthusiasts are looking forward to this year.

Probably the most expected non-coaster rally to fight for publicity in 2015 comes from Six Flags, the parking track known for its ass-kicking rollerblades. Make the most expected trips: The six flag sites in Texas and Missouri will both open the Justice League landmarks.

These highly developed amusement park products will take over designs from the Universal and Disney theme park. Rolling movement bases and projecting 3-D medias a la attraction like the Transformers by Universal are offered. Like Disney's Toy Story Mania ride, blaster is given to the passenger to collect points (and beat the bad joker).

Among the multimodal rides are animated animation character set, realistic set, high-end tricks, and advanced sensor technology to deliver immersed e-ticket experience rare in regionals. A further trip that would not be out of place in Disneyland near by, the voyage to the Iron Reef will also contain 3-D images and invites travellers to turn their way through abundantly rendered surroundings in the videogame spirit.

A kitschy tribute to Universal's "Fast & Furious" film deductible, which has accompanied Universal's legendary studio tours for several years, the dance car sequences will be superseded by a new, innovative show stopper. As in the King Kong scenery of the show, the streetcars will step into an exhibition hall and the virtual passenger will be moved into the midst of a hyper-active, effect loaded chaos.

Whilst the streetcars are hardly moving, the passenger will have the feeling that at 100 metres per second they are angrily falling next to the ultra-fast sportsters. Following a bustling year in 2014, when Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley and the Magic Kingdom's Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride were opened, the large Florida Park will take a short break this year.

Offering a comfortable 20-minute drive in air-conditioned capsule, it should provide breathtaking scenic vistas of surrounding park. Edaville USA will open a large extension in 2015 on the basis of the long-running PBS Thomas and Friends family. "It' s a trip aboard a large engine under the direction of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Situated near Cape Cod, the 20-minute panoramic stretch winds its way through moors. Altogether there will be 14 new ride attractions, among them a Rollercoaster, a Ferriswheel, and a Fall Turret, all of which are based on Thomas figures like Cranky the Crane and Harold the Helicopter. It' not an amusement park per se.

However, the Moody Gardens Edutainment Centre will welcome a park-like ride with the silly and adorable SpongeBob SquarePants and his buddies from Bikini Bottom. With the help of puppet theatre, it is possible for motion graphics that have been render in 3-D to be improvised during the show and to get in touch with the public. SpongeBob SubPants should be especially fun if the attractions and puppeteers/voice actor can pin point the sound and dizzying mood of the beloved Nickelodeon TV show.

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