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Watch the musical clip of Shinsuke Nakamura's stunning new title track. Nakamura Shinsuke came to probably the most cool title track in WWE since his arrival in NXT in 2016, but Nakamura made his debut on SmackDown on Tuesday evening with a new theme that better suits his personality after making a shockin' turn in WrestleMania's toes. It' a setting sun, played by the Japan based rock act The Sun.

Certainly the switch will be split, as it's a little more difficult for the audience to join in on Nakamura's theme now - although that's probably intentional, as supporters shouldn't be celebrating paragraphs anyway. Also, WWE published the heavily metallic release of "The Sun Rising" on WrestleMania 34, and it could be the final release of Nakamura's old theme.

The premium theme installation - Kaira

Assistance with the installation of the Premier Edition of our Topics. As soon as you have bought the Premier Theme, you will get an e-mail with a shortcut to downloading the new Premier Theme as a zipped document. Apple/Safari has a preference that automatically unpacks a zipped image when you try to get it, so you either have to disable this preference or you can unpack it again after downloading.

With these two options, you won't loose any of your preferences, because WordPress stores the theme name preferences in the data base, so if you remove the old free theme and then reinstall the Premier theme, they will have the same name and the preferences will be displayed as before.

1 ) Remove the old free design: And the easiest way to get the new Topic is to remove the old free design from your WordPress Dashboard and then get the new Topic as usual. Installation of the zipped file: go to Image -> Topics -> New topics - Upload topic.

Optional 2) Use the upgrade plugin: If you don't want to erase the old free design, you can use this one. Installation and activation of the NiceLabel plug-in Installation (you can remove the plug-in after installation of the zipped file). That'?s all... there is no config or setting for this plug-in.

Now you can add your new Topic, which you can substitute with the old free design. Then choose Upload theme to upload the new design from the zipped archive. Choose the zipped version of the Topic and click "Install now". As soon as you successfully upgrade to Premier, you can remove the Easy Upgrades plug-in.

As a security measure, you can use your upgrades to create a back-up of your old design, which will be stored in your home directory. When you do not download the NiceLabel theme and plug-in upgrades plug-in or do not remove the old free design, you will get the following message that the theme folder already is there.

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