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Built-in 10 on your PC so you don't miss out on the latest free content. Great place to download the latest free Blogger templates to renovate your Blogger blog! Badges are added to highlight discounted and new products.

Top 10 Free Magento Themes for 2016

The Magento platform has long since become one of the most popular platform for the construction of product-heavy webshops. There are huge portfolios of ready-made Magento themes and enhancements, so it sometimes can take an hour or even a day to choose the best one for your webject. There is so much fierce rivalry on the contemporary web that the content suppliers do everything in their power to delight the discerning web public with offerings they can only join.

Freedom is one of the profitable choices. Simple to use, safe and user-friendly, the eCommerce solution provides webmasters with a range of tools to help them create fun and smooth web shops. Once you have achieved this goal, you are probably looking for the best free Magento topic that you can use as a fast track for your web shop.

Our current edition includes a choice of the 10 most beloved Magento themes for 2016. Trendily and optimised for all gadget smartphones, each of these themes has a distinctive look and feel and a range of functions that can rival those of premier Magento themes. Is the first Magento 2. 0 topic that TemplateMonster has added to its stock.

To be used completely free of charge when it comes to a singular styling and professionalism. This topic covers catalogue and products pages that feature a fast scanning, user-friendly interface. Enhanced filtering capabilities, customizable patterns, a gooey drop-down pop-up in the head area, branding and other intelligent controls are provided to improve the buying experiences of your website's visitors.

This topic's fully reactive frameworks are fully adapted to the most common display resolution. The clear styling of the pattern is perfect for boutiques that need to direct users' gaze to the look on sale. The clear arrangement of the contents on the pages of the topic makes the page quickly searchable.

Pictures printed in fat in the slide control and miniature views of the products ensure a more attractive appearance of the articles in the shop. Using the grid-based layouts allows you to find a lot of information on the pages of the topic in a good balance. The thumbnail views of the products are complemented by a built-in functionality effect that displays the option buttons Wish list addition and Wish list comparison.

Light and happy, the subject is a great addition to boutiques. The clear and minimalistic styling of the pattern is enhanced by stunning parallel scroll effect parallaxes that add a little bit deeper detail to the subject. Animation pictures and page-width slider controls are designed to attract your eye to the displayed contents. A MegaMenu is used to display the master navigational pane of the original, which stays in a fix place at the top of the page.

Patch labels are added to differentiate discount and new items. Integrating wallpaper videos captures the user's attention and immerses them in the web project's ambience. It will be a perfectly fitting topic for sites providing industry, building and service support information. The fully reactive design is designed to present your assets optimally on a wide range of hand-held and desk-top equipment.

Shop items are marked with labels that draw users' attention to new and cheaper deals. The attractive styling of this pattern makes it the best choice for confectionery stores, backeries, cafes and restaurants. Attracts the user's interest with stunning graphics included in every part of the layouts - background, slider, galleries, and more.

Automatic load of user-defined stylesheet data allows the webmaster to optimize the submission without having to touch a line of coding. You can customize the text and theme using the administration pane. While a page-width slide bar greets the user, a series of grid-based bottom entry panels familiarize the public with the main product category(s) you're selling.

The slim and minimalistic styling of this pattern is designed to draw users' interest to the offered range of goods. Produktkarussells introduces your clients to the webshop's specialties. This topic is best suitable for electronic, clothing, furnishing, indoor and outdoor e-commerce pages.

There is enough space in the design to easily and clearly divide a lot of contents. Thus, the home page offers a series of categories posters, brand names whose goods are for sale on the site, slide controls, presented goods, etc. Hopefully you enjoy this listing of 10 free Magento Freeebies. And if you know others you'd like to meet and talk to, you can add your comments in the following section.

If you are choosing your free Magento theme, you need to know how to correctly set it up in your shop.

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