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The Mobo Launcher comes with the new category option, with glamorous themes, a smoother experience and more practical features. Below are a few more Android themes and applications you might like! New Android themes can be applied simply with Themer

It has always been known that it is highly adaptable, but the amount of work can sometimes be enormous. Finding and installing user-defined symbols, themes and Widgets can be a huge job and take the pleasure out of actually customising your Allrounder. So if you've always wanted to customise your Itroid Home display beyond just modifying the background image, but never had the amount of free space or power, Themer might be the app for you.

MyColorScreen's Themer launch is an application that allows Android to be easily customized at the push of a button. MyColorScreen comes with themes that you can easily use. First, Themer Android needs 4. 0 and higher. Second, Themer does not work on every Android 4. 0+ device: We do not recommend 320×480 and 480×584 resolution tables or units.

There are also a number of special gadgets that are not covered by Themer that you can find here. lf your equipment meets the requirements, you can get Themer here. Once you have it up and running, click the Home icon on your phone and the Select a home app screen should appear.

To make it your standard launch program, just choose Introducer and touch Always. As soon as you are in Themer, you will be welcomed by a brief array of introductory sign displays. Stroke all the way to the right and click Browse Topics to go to the menu chooser. In order to add a design, just find one you like, type it, and then click Add.

You will be asked to sign in with either your Google or Facebook accounts before Themer starts to download the Thread. As soon as the download of the topic is complete, Themer will start applying it and take you back to your newly designed home page. Like any decent launchers, Themer has a number of extra features you can choose from, plus some fundamental customizations.

This is where you can view most of Themer's preferences and customisation items. Choose to go to Themer Preferences or browse widgets, homescreens and something named Smart Categories. Just click on the theme you want to use. Smart category, which includes games, health & fitness and sports category, are filled up with the applications you have on your mobile device.

Concerning Widgets, Themer offers a number of its own customized Wididgets, among them a practical, adaptable Everything widget. And as if that wasn't enough, Themer also comes with Zooper, a minimum but highly customisable widget that should be able to meet all your widgets needs.

In the Themer Settings submenu, you can adjust and change fundamental Themer features. Because theme symbols are not necessarily linked to applications by default, the app settings are available so that you can specify which applications should start theme symbols. It' remarkable how simple it is to return to your former smasher.

From the Themer Settings submenu, just touch Restore Old Homescreen and the Select a home app pop-up appears. Just select your old launchers and hit Always. Whilst Themer provides customisation possibilities for the app tray, there isn't really much you can do with the look of the designs.

Granted, this is not a big deal, as there are so many prepackaged, full topics to select from anyway. One more thing to keep in mind is that Themer is still in Open beta, so there may be flaws and imperfections that need to be fixed, and functions that need to be added.

On the one hand, the landscaper himself does not promote landscaping. But all in all, if you want to thematize your own mobile phone without the trouble of having to change things one by one, you could do a lot harder than giving Themer a try.

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