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Atomic Blocks works seamlessly with the new Gutenberg Editor. Use the new Windows Seven look on your Windows XP. You can download it and try it out. Get these XP themes and enhance your desktop! It will help you customize your Windows with new themes.

There are five new free Mura CMS themes available for download

We have 5 new Mura CMS themes available - they are now available for free download! The new themes are built on the superb open sourced HTML5 UP themes (, all of which have been fully coded to work in Mura CMS. The new designs are appealing, simple to use and fully reactive, so you get portable and tablet-optimized layout right out of the box. What's more, they're designed to be simple to use and use.

For more information on each topic below and to download it, click on the topic titles, or simply visit our Mura CMS topics page to view all available topics, plus our beloved Bootstrap 3 topic for Mura CMS, our Foundation Foundation Foundation Frame topic, and more.

Free Windows XP Themes Download[20 Best].

Do you use Windows XP for a long period of times and are sick of it looking boring? It' s finally up to you to give XP a facial lift by altering its look and haptics. Many free designs are available in Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX, XBox, Linux, etc. free of charge.

When you are using a Windows XP based version of your favorite themes for the first times, you should first read our How to install the themes in Windows XP? articles before using the themes. Below goes our hand-picked listing of the twenty best Windows XP themes for your personal computer.

For more Windows XP themes, read our other article: Twenty fantastic Windows XP themes. This is one of the best Windows Vista-based designs with a hint of Windows Live. Colors are many, Vista Live Blue (see above), Vista Live Green, Vista Live Purple and Vista Live Red.

The Seven Aero RC is a lightweight Windows 7 base design. Its design reproduces the look of Windows 7 as close as possible. Nice subject, deserving of a try. OS based design bringing the look of OS Winter to you. When you' re an Apple enthusiast, you'll be loving this one. The Luna Element is an ultra stylish motif in deep purple.

This is a good option if you want to keep the standard Windows XP colours, but just want to spice it up. An additional Windows XP standard palette motif, but with a hint of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. CoverSutraXP is a very sleek and classy Windows XP monochrome design.

However, this is not a Mac-based design. The design is inspired by Microsoft's Zune design, which was supplied in the standard orange colour. The Zune Topic Colour is a revised edition of this Zune Topic with a variety of colours available ranging from rose, cyan, green, rose, lilac, red, mauve, lilac, dark and so on.

This is a topic fan of Fanboard Xbox will like. Its design is based on Microsoft's WMP XP Box skins and is available in blue and blue. Linux Look and Feel comes with SmoothGnome. It' s a straightforward, graceful and easy subject. Black and red, a very classy and nice design will certainly transform your Windows adventure.

Another good-looking Mac-based design is the Aqua X. Paint your Windows XP with Aquafarbe for a look that's fun and fresh. Yet another Linux-based design for XP that adds Ubuntu Linux Distro look and feel to your computer. Beautiful design for Linux-fans. It is a slim Vista style slim design for Windows XP.

Topic package contains Vista Icon Kit and style bar. This design, Luna colored, transforms Windows into a shiny and stylish surface. Aqua, Graphite and Typha are available with right side bowls, three styleers ( bright with bluebuttons, bright with greens ) etc.

NewGeniX is a cloudy topic with fluorescent text effect. There are four colour variations for this theme: Blue, green, orange and hot pink. The ChaNinja Style RC5 is a light and classy motif available in 10 different colours. Red edition of this topic is designed to burn your Windows XP desktops!

The design is based on the Windows Media Center royal design. A sleek design with a smooth feel for your XP workstation. Bring a sleek, contemporary look and feel to your Windows XP. The XP topic is a modification of Microsoft's royal styling with slimmer titles, a smaller startmenu and a different launchkey.

It is available in three colours: dark brown, dark brown and dark brown. This is a seemingly future orientated topic with metalic colours. The design will never make your desk look the same again! If you are looking for themes for Windows 7 and have found them here, please read our article 20 Best Themes for Windows 7 on our affiliate page.

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