New Thim

A new thimble

Themes, updates and design material. The team is ready to present you a brand new theme: Do you need help setting up your new design? The old theme was Studiopress Prose, the new theme is Studiopress Magazine Pro.

Change of the topic of the blog, update from prose to magazine Pro by Studiopress

Following almost 5 years of blogs with StudioPress's exquisite but obsolete prose-child topic, we have upgraded to the slimmer, quicker, funkier, simpler magazine Pro Thema on the Genesis framework. Short article about the basics and reasons for refreshing a topic. I' d been postponing it forever, but it was amazingly simple, inexpensive and efficient to keep our blog topics up to date.

What is a topic? Topic is what gives a website its look.

I would say that after a good host, a good topic is the next important thing you should buy. Do I need to upgrade my prose? The prose was outdated. Studiopress doesn't support it anymore, they don't resell it anymore, so they don't up-date it. While we were long past due for a major upgrade, I was afraid that the topic upgrade would be a big deal or even bring down my website.

It was also very slowly, I knew that a new topic would help accelerate the blog. We' ve got six pages, they all used Prosa, two are now in Magazine Pro. Studio Press topics run on the Genesis web site which is a kind of fundamental web site structure to which any children's topic can be added.

Both prose and magazine professionals are children's topics. Studiopress still supports and updates Genesis on a regular basis, so it makes good business to simply buy a new children's site to give it a fresh look and not a completely new name. Only $33 we paid for our new children's topic. Genesis we initially purchased 5 years ago, the costs for prose were about 90 dollars.

The new magazine Pro Thema is our topic, which we can use on all our web sites. There' s a complete checklist of things you need to do before you change topics here, but none of it is very gorgeous, just a matter of commonsense. Was it easy to upgrade from prose to professional magazine topics?

Simply down-load the new Kind Topic as a zipped document and directly load it onto your Microsoft Office page. Press the 1 key and the design will be immediately installe. If we had only wanted a blogsite as homepage, it would have been an immediate one. Happy with the new topic?

It is certainly simpler to use than the old design. Couldn't believe how simple it was to modify the favoricon, I spent a few weeks trying to figure that out in prose. My main reason for the changes were my constantly increasing aspirations for photography, my old motif only took pictures with a width of 620 pixel, the new topic Magazine Pro Subject will rise to over 1000px.

Several old and beloved entries will receive photographic updates in the upcoming few months, and all new entries will have larger, more marvelous pictures. Have a look at the magazine Pro Théme here or go to the StudioPress website and search their topics here.

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