New Wap site

A new Wap page

The video shows how to create a new website in Google Sites. The interactive multi-channel retailer HSN Inc. is launching a mobile-optimized version of the ten most-used e-commerce site

New WAP site announced by HeroCraft City.

6 July 2007, Kaliningrad, RF - HeroCraft Co. announced the launch of its new WAP site In contrast to the predecessor edition, this one features the user-friendly searching system, the possibility to either dowload the evaluation edition or buy the full edition of the titles directly from the website by texting them has been added. "Â "Â "The new look and feel and new features have been designed for ease of use and effectiveness; now anyone can select and buy the HeroCraft play at the touch of a button on their cell inbox.

The only thing you need to do is to enter the WAP address: in your telephone navigator or select the  "More gamesÂ" checkbox in the  "More gamesÂ" section of the company " recent gaming area. At HeroCraft, we are a dynamic growing enterprise in Russia that designs and publishes high-quality gaming and other cell device software solutions.

Established in 2001, the business currently holds one of the top ranks in the global gaming industry and does not want to sit back and relax on its successes. Employing seasoned developers, talent artisans, talent design professionals and many other outstanding professionals who really love to develop great gaming experiences. It is our highest goal to achieve the best possible fun with our products through highest possible gaming performance and highest possible gaming performance.

At present, the enterprise has over 50 employees in 4 office locations in Russia and Ukraine. Many external designers also work with us after they have selected us as their publishing house for their product all over the globe. Especially for the purposes of marketing our product on the global market we founded United Fun Traders together with iFree and FounDreams.

UFT's main mission is to actively promote the goods and service of Russia's top media companies. The UFT stands for a whole line of portable entertainment: From J2 ME gaming to motion and stills, mobiles, reel tones, videos and Jamango, J2 ME is currently one of the most "advanced" communities for wireless users in the globe.

The UFT are two tens of specialists who advertise our product on the global market.

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