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Visit the Google SitesTM Website Builder sign-in page. Log in to your GMailTM webmail service account -- (if you're not already logged in) Name your website (e.g. < my website name>

) Select a topic, a description, public/private and the 'code word'; then click 'Create' and you're done! Too bad you can't choose a completely new theme after your first choice. Launching a new website requires a domain name so that users can find your website in search engines. Developed for Google, mobile, social and successful.

Website Registration: Sending a URL to Google

Keeping your site visible and present in front of a number of top ranking SEO' s is one of the most important reasons for a website's successful performance. To be found on Google, Bing or Yahoo, your own website must first be included in their index. We' ll show you how to get your own website registered with the various webmasters.

Around two third of all global research on the web is carried out by the global industry standard Google. It has become the main gateway to the World Wide Web with millions of users every day. Google's visibility in Google's results is a key requirement for a thriving on-line experience for those who are involved in web project professionals.

Sites are only found in the Google index if they are there. Either you are waiting for a web browser to crawl your webspace through an outside hyperlink, or you take things into your own hand by posting your website to Google yourself.

Once it was possible to send a website to Google without having to authenticate with a Google Account. The only thing you had to do was to go to the Google site and select the "Submit URL" utility. Google had to stop this function, however, because some senders abused the use of a URL to synthetically enhance their rankings.

In order to file your Google search engine with Google, you must first login to the Google homepage and create an affiliate profile, which is free of cost. Press the Login icon and choose Create my Money Icon. Then Google will guide you through the enrollment procedure. If you' re already a Google user, skip this stage.

In the Google Search Console, open the section "Enter URL" with the following address: As soon as you visit the site, you'll be asked to sign in using your Google account. Please make sure that you type the full website adress in the field below, taking into consideration the http or handlps as well as the final forward slur at the end of the page, and that you spell it correctly.

When you have an Android application that you want to enhance your rankings on, it's also a good idea to send it to Google via the search console. The first step is to post the application on the Google Store. Next, go to the Search Console website and log in with your Google Player account. They need an address, which has administrator privileges for the application.

There is a pushbutton to the right of the entry box entitled Keyboard Select. This is called the "Website" by definition. Type the URI of your application into the entry field: When yes, it acknowledges the " feature " in the query panel automatic. There is a new Google Keyboard available at the following address:

In the new Google Search Console release, please sign up your website in the navigation bar on the right. Just as mentioned above, type in the full address of your website or your domains. Click the "+ Adds Property" icon to send your search query. Web sites change. While Google searches your domains on a regular basis after you sign up, a site map keeps the site crawler informed about new web pages.

The first step is to send your website and your URI to Google as described. There are then three ways you can ask Google to index your sitemap: Send your site map via the console. Create a Sitemaps-Bericht for your real estate. When you register, Google tells candidates that the typed-in URL is not included in the index of searchesutomatically.

Within a few workingdays, Google searches and checks the relevancy of Google adresses. As soon as it's established that your website has been created according to Google's webmaster policy, nothing should stop you from registering successfully. Google allows you to verify that your Google site address is Google by performing a basic location scout.

Simply type the following keyword into the Google keyword box: Google's website will instruct Google to show all indicated addresses with the corresponding domains in the results pages. If the location query does not deliver the required results despite the indexation application, the next stage is to exclude a failing indexation try for technological reason.

For more information about how to register your site with Google and any issues you might encounter with your site being indexed, see this video: Index Bing and Yahoo!: How to register your website with Bing and Yahoo!, even though Bing and Yahoo take a much smaller share of the US web site indexes, is still a good idea to make sure that you are indexed on these keywords, which have become more important to Google in recent years.

By July 2016, they accounted for 13% of the total internet penetration of searching machines, as the following chart shows. Since Bing and Yahoo 2010 have established a common ad networking site, only one submission procedure is required to register your website in both sites. Join and register for a free Microsoft subscription.

At the top right hand edge of the window, click the Log In icon and click Microsoft Accounts. Fill in the information necessary for registering. As soon as you have successfully signed up your user ID, you will also have full control over the Bing Webmaster Tools. Just like Google, Bing uses Google's web site to index their site, asking Bing visitors to type in the site's web address and then verifying that they own the site.

With ' My Page Configuration' you can forward your site map to Bing and Yahoo. In general, it only needs a few working hours for your website to be listed by the indexing engines. To open a web page, click on the "Add web page" icon (at the bottom of the image). You can use the contact information page to set up your website's searching preferences and alerts.

It is also possible to submit the site map of your website to Bing and Yahoo. In the " Add Site Map " box, type the full site map address. It usually only lasts a few seconds until your website is indicated by the searching machine. The chances of manual Bing and Yahoo! manual listing, like Google site registration, vary depending on whether the sent url complies with ad network guidelines.

Your web site with the major Google, Bing and Yahoo! websites is critical to maintaining a strong web site. Whilst there is always the possibility of just having to wait for the web sites' web pages to be captured by the webmasters, the decision to take this road will take some getting around, especially for smaller web sites.

It is recommended that you take things into your own hand and index your website by hand, as this quick and easy process makes your web-spaces more transparent.

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