New Wix Editor


We are proud to introduce the breathtaking new Wix Editor! Ever since we introduced our HTML5 web page development platforms in 2012, we've been showing the rest of the globe how simple, compelling and cost-effective it is to create your own DIY-style website. Today, with over 72 million viewers around the globe, we are pleased to announce another big step forward: a new and totally revamped Wix Editor that takes your website directly into the next level.

The new Wix Editor is engineered for both usability and feature set, providing a truly unprecedented user interface in a free DIY web page layout environment. Wix Editor is a new editor developed to help you deliver a rich interactive and visual quality web site for your customers and website users.

New Wix Editor is designed to help address your individual needs, regardless of the sector in which you operate. Have a look at what you can accomplish right now by creating your website with the new Wix Editor: An image says more than a thousand words, but a videotape says more than a million. More than ever, today's brand is awakening with the force of full-screen digital wallpapers to immediately inspire its customers.

Just up-load your movie or select one from our stunning free rental store. Our new full width stripes make it easy to make a nice look by dividing the pages into clear segments. Lend each stripe a distinctive look and feel and offer your guests a convincing adventure. Apply movies, pictures, animations as well as graphic elements to your stripes, modify their colour and quickly reorder them on your website by drag & drop.

Did you hear about the "parallax trend" in webcasting? When you are looking for a completely different kind of viewing experience, scanning parallaxes can simply be your thing. There is nothing more telling about 2015 than nice, elongated web sites. If you' re not a big fan, you can' t help but follow the long scroll trend: the development of a new navigational system that' s perfect for the constantly increasing number of portable people.

New Wix Editor allows you to be as unique as you dare with your web site layout and perfectly customise your website. The new Wix Editor offers thousands of ready-made items to help you work: icons, menu bars, stripes, background, banner, shapes, gallery and a dozen other breathtaking features.

New Wix Editor was created, engineered and created with our end customers in view. It is the intention to provide you with a toolset that does not need "habituation", but an easy-to-use and easy-to-use interface that will help you perform your task quickly and simply. Now you can begin to design your website as soon as you enter the editor, without pausing to learn or "dig" for latent content.

Enter the new Wix Editor and build your website today!

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