New Wordpress site

A new Wordpress page

Go to the "Add new page" pages in the WordPress administration area. Build a new website in your WordPress family. So you have a WordPress ecosystem in place and are willing to add new websites...

. If you did not have a local computer you would have to create a seperate data base and an own file for each location. Each new location is (almost) as simple as a few mouse clicks using a single shared area. Do a WordPress "Network" ad check:

The whole story is about creating a new WordPress page in a WordPress group. And if you don't have a WordPress site already and you have not set it up as a WordPress networking site, do it first. Unless you do a networking first, none of this will make sence. It is not possible to build new Web pages like these on a standard installation of WordPress.

The creation of the new website is very simple. Allows you to access the networking Dashboard (you are in "Network Mode"). On the next page the heading is "Add a new website". "The Site Title" and "Admin Email" are simple enough. Site Title" will be displayed as a heading on your new website. Admin e-mail " connects the site to a username so that someone can actually login and run the site.

It is possible to type in an e-mail message for an already registered member or a new e-mail message that is not yet available on this website. WordPress creates a new e-mail and sends logon commands to this e-mailbox. "Location address": Where is my new website? You' probably want to build a new website with a completely differentomainname.

Example: the name of the website of the " Hauptseite ". Then your new website would be there: This whole "network" thing is pointless, isn't it? Click: The page is created. You' ll get a brief anticlimactic note above, which will give you some administrative shortcuts for the new website.

Concerning WordPress, your new website is up and running. The new page can be seen under (in our case): Moreover, if you want to: in the top panel, your new website is now in this main page. You' ve just created a whole new WordPress page in a few moments.

This new website isn't very thrilling if it doesn't have its own website name. Luckily there is a solution: the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plug-in.

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