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WordPress Update: WordPress 4.9.8, plus we really get a "Try Gutenberg" prompt.

We are back with another issue of The WordPress Update for July 2018. If you' re not yet comfortable with it, this is our weekly summary, in which we gather the latest and best WordPress messages of the last months, cut open some of our own thoughts and analyses and communicate with you, both in our newsletters and here in the blogs.

When you want to keep up with the latest WordPress messages and make sure you receive all upcoming WordPress updates, it's best to subscribe to the WordPress Newsletters. WordPress 4.9. We' ll at last get a "Try Gutenberg" prompting, and it also resolves some storage leakage problems that have been implemented in WordPress 4.9.7.

With HTTPS, Google is becoming even more aggresive, and there have been some other big takeovers in WordPress - Genesis Framework patrons should be particularly interested! Read on to learn all you need to know about what is happening in July 2018. Few month ago I announced some new features about a more abrasive "Try Gutenberg" command line that the kernel crew wanted to include in the WordPress Dashboard.

However, now the concept is back and we are really about to get it in the coming WordPress 4.9. Mullenweg wants Gutenberg to be present at over 100,000 locations before the Gutenberg management begins integrating it into the company nucleus. Since the Gutenberg plug-in is currently only available on more than 20,000 pages after, it is important that the Gutenberg bloggers become more agressive.

WorldPress 4.9. The Gutenberg prompts are the most juicy frontend function in the forthcoming WordPress 4.9. It is not the only new thing that we will get with WordPress 4.9.8. WorldPress 4.9. also fixes a storage hole that has been a concern for some WordPress 4.9.7 and later customers. So, since WordPress 4.9, if you've encountered "memory-sapped" bugs on your website.

7, you can count yourself lucky to know that WordPress 4.9. Ok, this is not exclusively for WordPress, but it will have an impact on a Ton of WordPress pages, which is why I think it's rewarding to give a top approval in this month's newscasts. From July 24, ALL websites that run on HTTP will be flagged as Not secure.

In October 2018, Google will turn the alert to pink on all pages where a visitor types in information. For help dragging your WordPress page to HTTPS, read our SSL Certificate and WordPress Guidelines. We announced last months message that Automattic/ had formally taken over Atavist.

Now, it turns out that this was just the beginning of some big WordPress purchases. At the end of June and July we saw some big WordPress gamers being taken over by... even bigger people. WP Engine's largest purchase was definitely the purchase of StudioPress, the manufacturer of the Genesis frameworks and StudioPress site services.

WP Engine will also be offering StudioPress topics to clients as an add-on to the host services, offering great value for money. We also received news in mid-July that Southern Web has formally taken over the WordPress WP Site Care support team. South Web is a digitally based company that specializes in WordPress web press creative work.

The Gutenberg is not the only one that aims to modify the way you type WordPress post. Jason Bobich developed a fantastic React application for WordPress on the customer side in July named Just Read. Simply type and then use the WordPress REST-API, which allows you to organize the contents of your WordPress page. Below is a quick overview of the Just Watch Editor:

For more information about Just Write, visit the special GitHub page. Last issue of The WordPress Update gave you some WordCamp Europe 2018 summaries. WorldCamp Europe 2018 - What Peoples Are Saying + Our Reflections - Themeisle's abstract contains an own abstract as well as sweets and thoughts from other participants.

WorldCamp Europe 2018 Abstract - GoDaddy's Abstract contains a synopsis of the daily highlight of each camp. Here is his WordCamp Europe 2018 abstract, completed with many images. WorldCamp Europe 2018: Past is also the future of WordPress - SiteLock is always a big part of WordCamps, and they are sharing many thoughts and images in this abstract.

Talking of WordCamps, the newly launched WordCamp Incubator program from February 2018 formally heralded its new WordCamp sites for 2018. iThemes, manufacturer of favorite plug-ins such as BackupBuddy, iThemes Security, iThemes Sync and others, was already taken over by Liquid Web in January 2018.

Now we get to see part of what this opens because of the official entry of WordPress Themes into the WordPress web site web site web site web site web site web site web site web site hosting market. Offering monthly budgets of $15 or more, eThemes provides an end-to-end end-to-end package that incorporates the acclaimed plug-insync, BackupBuddy and SecurityPro. Whilst we are already a little confused when it comes to good WordPress web page content hosted services, maybe eThemes and Liquid Web can offer something new, especially for those who manage several websites and can profit from the integration of eThemesync.

If you want more information, WP Tavern has also been interviewing Cory Miller about the new hostings. You' ll like the latest Pixelgrade translucency review if you get voice over insight into managing a WordPress store. Pixels degrees creates a number of favorite WordPress topics. When you run a WordPress company, it's a must.

Even if you don't, it's still quite decent to see what's happening behind the scene with the businesses helping to make WordPress pages possible. All important WordPress messages and article from July 2018 are finished. Come back next August to see all the excitement that will fall in August.

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