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Isn't local time the PDT time? With this user-friendly, modern time zone converter, you can quickly convert time in New York, New York, to British Summer Time (BST). countries because it includes the capital (Washington D.C.), the most populous city (New York City) and half the population of the country.

Can I convert a date field present in GMT to New York time?

java - difference between EST and America/New_York time zone

So, if you want to know the current New York time at a particular time, use America/New_York. To be compatible with JDK 1.1.x, some other three-letter time zoning identifiers (such as "PST", "CTT", "AST") are also included. Their use is obsolete, however, since the same shortcut is often used for more than one time zoning (e.g. "CST" US could be "Central Standard Time" and "China Standard Time"), and the Java engine can only detect one of them.

Exciting and bewildering facts about time and time zone

Attractive and bewildering facts about time / time zones: Hint: +11:00 or STC+11: 00/GMT+11: 00 - means that the actual location is 11 hrs ahead of STC ( Universal Time Coordinated ) or GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time ). Vladivostok's default time is, for example, UTC+11. -08:00 or -08:00/GMT-08:00 - this means that the actual location is 8 hour behind Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Example is the default time (PST) in San Francisco UTC-08. Certain locations/countries use time shifts that are not integrated numbers of clock pulses from UTC/GMT. For some locations, a quarter-hour delay of UTC/GMT is used. New Zealand's Chatham Island is UTC/GMT + 12:45 (summer UTC/GMT + 13:45 or winters in the north). The usual practice for daylight saving time (summer time) is to change the expected time by one additional clockh.

The Lord Howe Island (Australia) adjusts his watches in half an hours in sommer. USTC/GMT +11:00 during the hot season. The Australian time zone in summers is both horizontally and vertically. Central Australia (Northern Territory and South Australia) use half an hours staggered from near Western Australia and the East Australian states.

For example, in this case, two places, Zeroarbor and Darwin, which are relatively of equal length in the centre of Australia, have the same time in the cold season (1 hr and 30 min before Perth time, Western Australia). But during the hot season Zeroarbor and Darwin have a 1 h differential. Zeroarbor is 2hrs and 30 min before Perth time (Western Australia).

Eventually, the east part of Kiribati was one full working days and two working days behind the west part of the land where the main city is situated. When there are two locations in the Nordic region and both locations use daylight saving time - e.g. Amsterdam (Netherlands) and New York (USA) - the time gap between these two locations can be shifted by 1 hr during a year.

The reason for this is that Europe changes to summer time on the last Sunday in March and the USA changes to summer time on the second Sunday in March - the time gap between New York and Amsterdam is + 06 hrs (Amsterdam's time is 6 hrs before New York time), but for some week in New York and Autumn - the time gap is + 05 hrs.

When two locations are in the opposite sphere and both locations use daylight saving time - the time gap between these two locations can be equalized 1-3 hour during one year. New York (northern hemisphere) and Chile (southern hemisphere), for example: Similarly, there is a time differential between the New York time and the Rio de Janeiro time.

The time of Rio de Janeiro could be +1, +2 or +3 hour ahead of New York time, according to the season. Aquatorial and tropic lands (lower latitudes) do not usually take summer time into account, as the length of days / nights is very similar - 12hrs.

Though Russia is divided into 12 time zoning areas, it has only 9 official time zoning areas (from May 2010). Normally, if you travel eastwards - another time region is traversed every 15 longitudes (which corresponds to one hour). Since Japan, for example, lies just west of Vladivostok (southern part of the Russian Far East), one would expect Japanese time to be either similar or before Vladivostok time.

Japanese time is 2 acres behind Vladivostok time. Formerly Mongolia had 3 time zones - today it uses a time region UTC/GMT + 08:00 o'clock. People in China observe a time region UTC/GMT + 08:00 - which makes this time region unusually broad. "DST Daylight Saving Time" is the common name in North America.

Certain areas (Europe, South America) more often use the name "summer time". Some time zone shortcuts may be confused because ST could mean "Summer Time" +1 hr (Europe, South America) and "Standard Time" (North America). Brasil determines its summer time every year by decrees.

A number of states/counties monitor daylight saving time on an annual base. However, the Navajo reservation (see USA map) changes to daylight time. In Israel, for example, a rule of thumb stipulates that summers must last at least 150 consecutive calendar weeks. The Greenwich time (Greenwich Lab is in London ) has the same time as the London time in London in winters, but London is 1 hours ahead of the GMT in sommer.

For example, the armed forces of some countries call time areas letters: J (Julia) is skiped and relates to the viewer's actual time. The Antarctic Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station uses the New Zealand time area +12:00 in the New Zealand Central European Home Time and +13:00 in the New Zealand Central European Home Time.

Summer time and time change novelties change worldwide.

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