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News magazine Newsmag Newspaper by TagDiv The Newsmag is a contemporary WordPress theme that lets you easily post your own news items and blogs. Great help and great help! Newsmag' is an ideal tool for a news, magazine, publisher or reviewer website. Moreover, News likes strongly supported reactive Google Ads and AdSense. Speaking of performance, we have invested a lot of effort in optimizing every facet of the issue to achieve the best possible performance.

Each script of the theme is shaped and edited to run at top speeds. Supported by tagDiv Composer - This is the only front-end page designer developed for the publication sector. When you use WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer) you will be happy to know that it comes with the theme for free.

User-defined, automatically scalable contents blocs - The bloc changes its texture to match your theme seamlessly - in the side bar, full width or on pages with a side bar. Optimised for the phone - The theme makes your website look great on all your phones. The Newsmag Theme is developed to download only the essentials to bring your contents to Google'Top Stories.

Up to 5 times quicker uploading of your contents to your portable device makes AMP setup simple. AdSense response via our customized administration panels - The Google AdSense scripts load a different Google AdSense ad for each display area. As soon as it is once downloaded, it no longer changes it to be 100% compatible with Google AdSense TOS.

In-line Google AdSense or other in-line Google AdSense or other in-line ad after a specified number of paragraph(s). Advertisements on AMP - Newsmag theme supported advertisements in the AMP edition, so you can boost your revenue. Multilingual site suport via the free sqTranslate plug-in. The WordPress Theme Configurator with real-time previews contains all available customizations.

Supports animated gifs - This is a meta-function. Change Google and Typekit typefaces and user-defined typefaces using the easy to use tagsDiv Composer, right at the front end of your website. User-defined page layout elements: Feel free to use our online forums. Thank you for your interest in our topic! new: We have added our personal Policies WordPress page to our login/registration mode windows. new: preference to deactivate Google Font in topic - Font - Google Font preferences.

Loading and using locale character sets instead of externals is possible. Misc: The plug-in upgrade system has been entirely updated. Trying to upgrade the plug-in in several ways and if it does fail, it displays an administrator hint with information about which plug-in did fail and why. misc: All plugs now have a build date on them besides the release. misc: The theme is now GDPR conform. new: Short cuts for use in base text - date, site link, privacy_policy and more.

You can find the key combination lists in the topic field next to the settings. Other: Enhanced tagsDiv composite chooser. Changed color and better user interface, now the control elements are outside the select screen, this allows better choice for small articles. Others: We' ve optimised the tagsDiv composite to just download what is needed and where it is needed.

Speeding of the Wp-Admin should significantly increase. Others Enormous performance improvements in the tagsDiv Composer Notepad. We' ve done a full memory usage test for tagsDiv Composer and corrected a few minor storage leakages. Miscellaneous: Deleted unwanted certifications from tagsDiv Composer. E.g. if the page contents were not modified and a visitor wanted to quit the composer. misc: tagDiv Composer now has a new colour picker scripts that is much quicker than the old one.

New: We've added the first Page builder ever developed for blog, news and magazine web sites. With Newsmag 4 you get a more convenient, quicker and more effective way to create your website with tagsDiv Composer.

We' ve changed the logon module to only appear on the page when logon is activated on the title page. New: The plugin page from which a UI will install the contained plugs has been entirely redone to increase ease of use. New: Added functionality for blocking template overwriting via the Theme API system in demo files.

We' ve now corrected them. fix: categories sort option sometimes didn't work. new: added retinal image display on our block and module now. They can be activated in the panels. Misc: various types of core-code re-factoring and optimization. Upgrade note: Please be aware that this release does not work with older Visual Composer releases. new: Log in, registration and forgotten passwords window redesigned completely and more advanced. new: Added full row size assistance, full row placement assistance and full row placement assistance in Visual Composer. new: Added independent hiding of authors' names in module and on individual articles preference.

So far there was only one overall preference. new: The Wetter-Widget now opens an entry if it can't find the users via the browsers positionPI. misc: All block now show a hint to administrators on the front end if needed. misc: We modified the way Visual Composer plugins recognize default plugins.

Upgrade notice: Please upgrade tagsDiv Social Counter to the latest release that comes with the theme. Other Now the theme options are only stored once per page call and only when needed. We' re using the cutdown operation to store it. Misc: You can now display the category listings on the posting pages in the WordPress standard order.

You can enable this in the topic field. New: http channels test state added to system state field. Now you can verify if the design is able to get the number of tweets, such as number of tweets etc. from your hosting. Fix: remove idle source from Theme + Theme panel.

Oh, we sent the broadd by accident. New: Each demonstration now uses a seperate stylesheet that changes the look of the theme. Now the theme only creates the necessary custom codes for each demonstration. New: Customizing Codes Panels. We' ve found that all user-defined HTML, JavaScript and HTML files should be in one single pane.

We' ve also added a user-defined HTML part. Autocompletion (Ctrl+Space) and troubleshooting are available in all entry areas of this pane. New: The topic now has its own log system. Now we can more easily troubleshoot web site host problems. New: a new self-diagnostic and self-configuring engine that allows our theme to retrieve information from other sources more reliable. Fix: possible clash of our galleries filter's name.

Fix: Topic Animation were not compatible with some plugs and the Viewer Compiler Galleries. Most of the animation still worked, but they all seemed a little weird. Misc: Almost all the Java script stuff now hands over Java to Java. While we still have about 15-20% of the source to adapt to the new standard, over the course of getting there we will. Misc: The movie play list now loads the movie meta data when rendering, not when saving it.

Miscellaneous: The following theme moduls are now load on demand: td_log, of course, td_remote_http, of course, as well as the following modules: for example, if required, td_remote_video, of course, the following files are loaded: td_log, of course, td_remote_http, of course, of course, td_remote_video, of course. That means that the design only charges them when needed. Fix: Fixed problem with the safety of the side bar handling admin tag using the admin tag and fix: Fixed problem with admin tag sub-categories.

Customizing Posts Types Panels - here you can adjust the singles for certain Customizing postal type. User-defined taxi meter panels - adjust the Offer modules, side bar and location for each tax meter. Checked all Meta data revealed by the topic and resolved all problems found.

New Google metadata testing tool has been upgraded to report some lack of data. Individually created Lazy Loading effect on pictures. Each script is tailor-made and conceived to work with our topics as quickly as possible.

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