News Blog Wordpress Theme

Blog News Wordpress Theme

Topics Premium News Blog WordPress. Without magazines, newspapers and other printed or digital media, the modern world is inconceivable! WordPress minimal, flat and stylish news / magazine theme with classic look and feel. Ty Magazine | Minimal designed News, Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Themes for any startup company or blogger.

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The SuperMag comes with enhanced user-defined Widget for post and ad managemen. This theme has 5 different user-defined sidebar areas for content management/design. Have full power over the customization of the title page with Drag-/Drop Reorder Widget and theme settings. It has a very nice feature section with sliders and page content.

Full control over showing, hiding and configuring all functions in the topic head area. You can use footing side bars and available widgets to specify what is displayed in the footing area. User-defined text can be entered in the bottom line of the topic option. Packed-full layouts, side bar option with links, right, without side bar, also with picture viewing option in blog and archives pages.

One click is all it takes to modify the overall website's elementary colour, including the choice of wallpaper colour. Each wallpaper can be added to your website with various enhanced choices. User-defined style sheet is a very powerfull way to modify your website by using your style sheet know-how. You can activate the deactivation-relevant contribution in a particular contribution using individual mail items.

Using the theme choices, you can enable/disable to show breadcrumb on the website. Modify placeholders for find widgets and find them in the menus and other areas. There are many areas where you can advertise using theme choices and advertising widgets. Customize your own theme from the Theme box. Activate the indication of Breaking News in the headline.

Restore all settings of your theme to the defaults or just restore the colour settings. New functions for the news area added. There are several ways to adjust the section. Resize the image/position on the widgets and blog page. Those are also the choices you have on one page. I' ll let you make your side rail tacky.

You can also deactivate the adhesive side bar if you don't like it. Enjoy the best functions of the theme. It is possible to place the cover picture of the ad elsewhere.

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