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News-portal template

News-portal template available for free download. The Hot News Portal is a responsive Joomla news template that you can use as a starting point for development news portals for various areas of interest. Discover the professionally responding Powedris news portal Elementor Template! The Sports News Portal is simple, clean, lightweight, beautiful, elegant and a stop responsive HTML magazine template for sports and games website.

MegaZzine for free news portal template

As we know, it is difficult to create a good looking website with a tight budgets. Therefore we publish today our template with a free download version! All you need to do is keep the back link to our website if you want to keep this licence. So if you want to get the PSD file of the website template, or if you want to delete the back link to our website, you better think about the advanced paid licence.

One way or another, you'll get an innovative website template that will prove useful at some point! Functions of the Template:

News Joomla Template - Hot News Portal

With so many inquiries, our fifty-seventh Joomla template for news portal sites is made. It is the primary aim of the news portal to display a lot of information from different areas, e.g. policy, sports, amusement, tech, arts, etc. The Joomla News Template Hot News Portal can be a good place to start developing such sites.

As a rule, readership visit such websites on a regular and everyday base. News gateways usually post many news items every single day. Publication of news items is not a problem. It is necessary to categorize all these items according to importance and timing of publication. Several of the items are displayed as featureured and they are more important, but everything, to include the featureured items, changes every single day. Please see the feature list for more information.

As the reader frequently visits such a portal, there should also be some information about services such as e.g. meteorological condition. The Joomla News template allows you to simply append this function. Two Joomla moduls have been especially designed for the Joomla message template. Here is a summary of the functions of the Hot News Portal Joomla news template:

It is a highly reactive template basing on CSS/CSS3 coding and supported by Sparky Joomla Template Framework. You can customize all colours using the Sparky option (infinite colour options). Adjusting the template layouts and adding/removing modules position is simple. Quickly and simply modify the Joomla message template item design and dimension.

The Hot Full Carousel, Hot Video Wall, Hot Weather 2, Hot Maps, Hot Carousel et Hot Gallery moduls sind in der Hot News Portal Vorlage enthalten. If you buy a template, all commercially available plug-ins contained in this template are free of charge (you are saving $15 per plug-ins). Each extension is pre-installed and preconfigured.

You can copy templates with all enhancements and demonstration pages simply. In our demonstration 21 modular locations are used. Infinite number of modules can be added in the Layout Editor of the Sparky Framework.

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